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Mossberg M590 Chainsaw Spring Airsoft Shotgun. Featuring a velocity of 355 FPS, the Mossberg Chainsaw Spring Shotgun can pump BBs out at an impressive velocity.
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Airsoft Pump Action Tactical Spring Shotgun Rifle With Laser Scope FPS-250
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4D1-M180A2 - Pump Action Airsoft Shotgun. This 1:1 scale shotgun comes with 4 shotgun shells which each hold 5 BBs. It fires at an amazing 320 FPS and has tactical light.
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4C1-M180C2 - 1:1 scale shotgun comes with 4 shotgun shells which each hold 5 BBs. It fires at an amazing 320 FPS and has a red dot system, an adjustable hop up system, and a tactical light.
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4D1-ZM61 - Spring Powered Full 1:1 Scale Airsoft Pump Action. Gun Holds 30 BB's. Velocity (FPS): 390. Metal and Plastic Parts. Adjustable Hop Up System
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Double Eagle DE M56A Tri-Shot Spring Airsoft Shotgun FPS-320
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Mossberg 590 Airsoft Pistol Grip Shotgun Kit with Spring .45 Pistol and 500 BBs
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400 FPS AGM Airsoft M500 M183A2 Tactical Shell Fed Spring Airsoft Shotgun
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Smith & Wesson Pistol Grip Mad Max Shotgun With Scope Flashlight & Extra Mag
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Best Airsoft Shotguns: Feel the Pump and the Power of a Real Projectile Shotgun

Load up the barrel, cock the hammer, and pull the trigger. All we have is nothing but the very best airsoft shotguns for our lover of the big, powerful, heavy duty hardware. If anyone has ever criticized or made some nutty, off the wall remark about BB guns, then you should show them our dynamically ultra macho best airsoft shotguns. We have a feeling that a mere sight of one of these bad dudes alone will shut the haters up and have them saying “I’m sorry.”

Best Airsoft Shotguns: Make Your Friends Jealous with These Monsters!

The shotgun is about as hardcore as a gun can be. With the big pump, menacing shape, imposing appearance, and super loud “BANG!”, firing a shotgun puts the world on notice. So when you are out popping off airsoft projectile rounds with your buds, you want to make sure that you are rocking one of our very own best airsoft shotguns. No one will stand a chance; you’ll be the king (or queen) of the shooting range. We are so certain of ourselves and the perfection of our shotguns that we acknowledge  a commitment of a 30 day money back guarantee. However, we envision that as soon as you get one of these in your grip, you never go to let it go!

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