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Advancement in the technology has changed a lot. Our lifestyles have changed to a great extent including the way nations battle each other. Today, we will specifically talk about this change. 

We shall focus on essential equipment and weapons for warriors, specifically enlightening the use of crusader helmets and medieval armors by the ancient warriors. 

Much has changed as far as fighting styles during wars are concerned. Specifically, weapons used for fighting the enemies have changed. Nuclear weapons though have minimized the chances of wars between the nations due to destructive results that may take place. 

However, in the past, nations used to battle each other more often because the weapons were never that dangerous. The most frequently used weapon was the sword. Sword only had a blade which caused the damage. But, to prevent sword, warriors used to wear crusader helmets and armor.  

In this article, we will shed some light on the use of crusader helmet by the ancient warriors. Was it really a necessity for them? Is it being used today? What are the uses of this helmet today?  Let’s figure it out! 

What is a Crusader Helmet? The History!

Crusader helmet is a helmet that was used by the European Knights during the medieval period, specifically the medieval crusades. This is the period that started in the early 11th century and ended in the late 15th century. Due to the name of that period, we know this helmet as the crusader helmet. 

The crusading knights used to wear this helmet during wars. The shape and design of the helmet evolved significantly during that period. However, keep in mind that this was not the only helmet that they worn. But, it certainly gained the attention of the crusading knights. 

The most popular helmet used by the knights was called the Great Helm. This helmet was advantageous, but had a slight share of drawbacks as well. But, in any case, the warriors had to wear helmets during wars because it was a necessity. 

Crusader Helmet as a Necessity for Medieval Warriors

Since we are talking about advancement in technology, it is worth mentioning that our needs have advanced as well. Today, militaries require different techniques to survive and battle their enemies. During the medieval period, warriors had different needs. 

Medieval knights and crusader knights used several different techniques to survive against their enemies. Since swords, spears, and arrows were the weapons used by the warriors, to avoid these weapons, they need to wear crusader helmets. 

A medieval warriors was equipped with at least a sword, a helmet and armor. So, these were the typical necessities for an ancient warrior. He could use sword for attacking his opponent and armor and helmet would be saving him from his opponent’s attack. 

The only thing that a warrior needed to survive during the war was the sword. The blades of those swords were extremely sharp that they could tear someone apart pretty easily. So, it was useful to wear a solid crusader helmet that would make sure that the head remains safe from the blade. 

Crusader helmet and armor were made of steel. However, helmet, as obvious, was worn on the head while armor covered the whole body. A sword blade did not have the power to cut the helmet or armor.

Crusader Helmet Design

Generally, a crusader helmet was established to ensure maximum protection of a warrior. To serve this purpose, it was designed using iron. It was a heavily built thing that weighed around 10 lbs. 

The top of the helmet was flat and featured quite a few little slots for mouth and eyes. Those tiny slots made it comfortable to wear for the warriors. The slots were sometimes known as occularium. 

crusader helmet

The idea was just to protect the warriors, but not to cause any discomfort. Therefore, the slots or holes were designed to make sure that he feels comfortable while wearing it by breathing easily and seeing everything clearly. 

There was no specific design of a crusader helmet. Rather, it had plenty of variations. Sometimes, they were not flat-topped, instead, they features a curved design at the top. 

The flat top was susceptible when it comes to the possibility of receiving heavier blows, but a curved top was better in this regard. 

The earlier designs of crusader helmet were a bit uncomfortable due to heat. The extreme heat under the sun heartened the helmet as well. Therefore, to avoid this discomfort, a few pieces of cloth were added to save the exterior of the helmet from direct heat under the sun. 

Uses and Benefits of Crusader Helmet

The crusader helmet was adopted by the warriors during the 13th century. But, it became common at the beginning of the 13th century. It specifically became popular among the European knights who always worn it amid wars. It was very useful in warding off blows, but it was not an easy thing to wear. 

Therefore, the crusading knights wore it at the beginning of the clash. When a war took place, the initial period was pretty intense. Hence, it was essential to survive at the early period. Therefore, knights took off the helmet after the early pressure was over. 

At times, the knights wore an iron skull cap under the helmet. Once they took off the helmet, the cap was there to provide some assistance. Therefore, they were willing to take off their helmets once the initial pressure of the war was over.  

In a close quarters combat, warriors were not very interested in wearing the crusader helmet. A bascinet eventually started replacing this helmet after the 15th century. Due to a slight discomfort of wearing it, the warriors did not prefer it in close combat. 

However, in non combat situations like knight tournaments, it was still very commonly used. A crusader helmet was solidly built. The purpose of constructing this helmet was the physical protection of the wearer. 

The head of the wearer was absolutely safe once he wears this heavy, solid helmet. 

A crusader helmet had a few openings of small size enabling the wearer to clearly see everything. However, the main purpose was to guard the wearer against heavy blows and piercing. Hence, it was useful in these ways, but a few concerns were also raised against it. 

The biggest issue was the immense weight of the helmet that made it uncomfortable for the wearer. Sometimes, the peripheral vision of the wearer was blocked or reduced. The slots were at times very tiny. Therefore, warriors often struggled viewing the entire battlefield. 

The solid steel and iron construction caused a major problem for the wearers. It was prone to overheating pretty easily and quickly. The knights often fought in hotter climates where crusader helmet was a massive disadvantage. 

The warriors also struggled communicating with each other during battles. The little slots were only enough for breathing. Although, it caused issues during the battles, but it was still worth wearing. 

Crusader helmet was still an essential thing because after all that, survival during the battles was necessary.

Crusader Helmet Today

Since we have stepped into a modern world, we have nuclear weapons to deal with the enemies. Therefore, crusader helmet is no longer an essential for a warrior. But, it is still a very popular thing in the market.

You must be wondering why this helmet is still popular around the world. Well, it might not be a necessity for a warrior, it is a necessity for a cosplayer. We are all familiar with cosplay and you know that costume is a significant thing for a cosplayer. 

For a cosplayer to become a medieval knight or a crusader knight or he needs to play such roles, he is required to wear an appropriate costume that makes him look like them. Hence, it is a great idea to wear a crusader helmet in order to replicate a crusader knight on stage. 

Today, we have a massive choice of crusader helmets in the market. There are some fantastic pieces available in the market that you can purchase and use. You would see people buying and wearing them on Halloween. 

Wear Crusader Helmet - Dress Up As a Crusader on Halloween!

With Halloween just around the corner, it is not a bad idea to choose something like crusader helmet. Yes, you can wear it as your costume this Halloween. It would certainly drive appreciation for your wonderful choice among your friends. 

Life is too short to miss some fun on an event like Halloween. Such events bring plenty of excitement and allow you to gather some memories for the rest of your life. So, isn’t it great to impress your mates by wearing such a cool thing?

To conclude, crusader helmet was an essential wear for the ancient warriors. But, today, you have other ways of using it. Grab a nice piece from the market and have fun at the Halloween!