Anime Fantasy Samurai Sword Blue Warrior Katana Holy Spiritus

Anime Fantasy Samurai Sword Blue Warrior Katana Holy Spiritus.
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The Holy Spiritus Warrior Katana is simple yet elegant and is a classically crafted, quality sword. It is a must-have addition to your martial arts school or your personal gear. The 26.57 blade two tone is made of carbon steel with a sharp-edged finish. The traditional cord-wrapping on the tsuka is blue, which accents the faux-ray skin. It has golden and black metal alloy fittings and a beautifully crafted scabbard completes the package.

  • 41 overall length
  • 26.57 carbon steel blade
  • 4.5MM Blade Thinkness
  • Black-lacquered wooden scabbard with metal alloy fittings

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