airsoft guns vs blank guns

Blank guns are not the only type that works in the place of real guns. To replicate the real guns and making them less harmful, there are numerous options are out there. People prefer to look for safer options to fulfill the requirements.

Airsoft guns are one of their own types that are known as piston guns as well. These are non-flame and zero gunpowder guns. Although there is no gunpowder, still the gun has power and pressure to shot the bullet.

Airsoft Is Different From Blank:

Many people think that Airsoft is similar to Blank guns. But, they are quite different from each other. Both are used as fake guns or substitute to real ones. Nevertheless, both have their separate identities, characteristics, and functions. 

Here are some points that make them different.

  • Bullets Vs. Shells:

The major difference between the airsoft and Blank gun is the bullet and shell. The airsoft gun contains plastic bullets of 6mm most of the time. There are other sizes available but these are rare. These bullets are made of semi-soft plastic and hit the target on a shot.

On the other hand, in a blank shotgun, there is no bullet, but a shell that is having the gun powered. In case of a shot with a blank gun, the flame spark out of the nozzle and empty shell is dropped from the gun.

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  • Gunpowder Vs. No Gunpowder:

Gunpowder seems to be an important part of a gun. It is obvious that there is gunpowder in a gun but in Airsoft gun, the case is different. It is an advanced form of blank guns that do not contain any gunpowder.

In comparison to the blank fire gun, airsoft contains the spring force that makes the bullet to shot out from the gun. The gun’s mechanic is quite simple and contains a piston force that enables the bullet to get out of the gun with a force.

On the other hand, in a blank fire gun, there is a gunpowder that pushes the spark and shell out of the gun. It releases the real gunshot sound due to gunpowder.

  • The Impact:

Most people argue about the impact of the gunshot coming from a blank gun and airsoft gun. In general, if we talk about sound then airsoft never gives a stronger sound impact in comparison to the blank fire gun. The gunpowder spark in the blank bullet enables it to give the real gunshot feel.

Moreover, airsoft guns are commonly used for practice and training. These do have an impact on the target. A long-distance target hit is possible with the airsoft gun due to bullet. In the case of a blank gun, it gives an impact on target up to a specific distance and can leave a major impact for sure.

  • Major Uses:

Blank fire guns are commonly used in survival kits, sports, films, and reenactments. On the other hand, airsoft guns are commonly used in training, competitions, and practices. The weight and feel of these guns are lighter but it gives the best practice for shooting.

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Hence, the piston technology gives the real like feel on fire and helps the shooter to get stability in the hand.

The Best And Cheap Blank Guns for Sale:

When you want to experience the best shooting with blank guns, here are the right options to try with minimum cost.

1. ASI – UZI Fully Automatic front Firing Blank Machine Gun with Folding Stock:

It is the best replica of UZI mode that lets you fire 15 automatic rounds within 1.9 seconds. It is next to original in weight and overall feels that you can experience the real thrill.

ASI- UZI fully automatic front firing blank machine gun with folding stick

Moreover, you have three modes of operation, safety, semi-auto and fully automatic.

2. Jackal Compact Chrome finish – Full Auto front-firing Blank Pistol Gun:

The replica of 92 comes in a durable steel alloy frame and original like feel and weight. It fires almost 15 rounds within 1.9 seconds and supports the modes of operation.

You can select the operation from semi-auto, fully auto and safety mode. The chrome finish enhances the durability and long life of the pistol.

Jackal compact chrome finish full auto front firing blank pistol gun

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3. V92F Gold Engraved with gold Fittings – Front Firing Blank Gun:

The replica of famous M92 comes with a smooth action firing range of 15 shots. The chrome finish with gold engravings makes it perfectly looking weapon. With a 9mm caliber, it provides the best feel at shoot just like the original one.

Gold engraved front firing blank guns

The flame, sound and impact match to the original gun and give the lifetime feel of perfection. The package includes a gun, magazine, and a hard-shell case.

The Best And Cheap Airsoft Guns For Sale:

If you are looking for some of the exclusive airsoft gun options, here are some of the best and cheap options.

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1. 415 FPS Airsoft MK51 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle:

The best sniper airsoft rifle that gives you the real-time experience and has practiced for sure. For snipers, balance and steady shots are very important. It is not possible to have accuracy without balance in a long-distance shot.

Airsoft MK51 Bolt Action Sniper RIfles

The sleek black finish rifle with texture grips and rail-mounted bipod and scope gives you a next-level balance for perfect shots. It is comfortable and ergonomic to aim up to 150 feet. You will get the amazing sniper shooting experience with this amazingly full metal boy sniper rifle.

2. Lancer Tactical Gen 2 Interceptor SPR Automatic M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft rifle:

Electric generated airsoft gun some with multiple action options. You can select from safe, semi-auto and full-auto options for the operations. The magazine capacity is of 300 rounds and muzzle velocity is 330 to 350 FPS.

With 4.3 lbs. weight and the length of 32.25 inches, it is one of the easy to handle and combat feel rifle. The body is made of nylon reinforced polymer and has the front and rare flip-up sights.

Lancer tactical gen 2 Interceptor SPR Automatic carbine aairsoft rifles

You will get the battery, charger, user manual, slim, a bag of BBs, and a cleaning rod along with the rifle in the box.

3. M1911 Replica Full Metal Two Tone Pink Airsoft Spring Pistol:

When you are looking for something fits in hand comfortably then it is the best pistol. His lifelike design and attractive color make it favorite. Moreover, it has a good weight to give hand stability, the velocity of 300FPS gives the best shooting experience.

Replica full metal two tone pink airsoft spring pistol

The magazine has a capacity of 18 that is quite good. It is made of heavy-duty ABS and Metal. You will get pistol, magazine and a sample pack of BBs in the package that is good to get the start.


Now, we are sure that you would have known the differences between the blank and airsoft guns and decided what you need to choose from. Look at the above-mentioned quality products and grab one of your choices right now!