brass knuckles

If you are here, it is obvious that you are confused between buying brass knuckles and self defense knives for your protection. You would want to know which one of these tools will make the best self defense weapons.

Well, we are sure that no one would be unaware of the rising trend of brass knuckles. Hence, today, we are going to explain both the weapons to you in detail. This way, it will be easier for you to make a decision. So, don’t go anywhere and read the article till the end!

What Are Brass Knuckles?

Just as the name implies, brass knuckles are weapons that are made for you to wear on your hand. There are brass rings that cover your knuckles. These rings add strength, weight, and power to your punch.

The basic reason why this weapon exists in the first place is that it is used for personal defense. There was a time when people used this weapon in street fights and some corners of the world, it is still used for the same purpose.

However, as of now, brass knuckles are famous for being the most effective self defense weapons. They aren’t lethal at all and the best part is that they are intimidating enough to scare away attackers in some situations.

What Are Self Defense Knives?

There is not just one type of this knife, but there are several different kinds of personal defense weapons available in the market. They come in different shapes, sizes, and even styles. Hence, their purpose remains the same! 

These knives are made for your self defense and of course, with it, you can protect yourself by stabbing the attacker. The blade of these knives is mostly made up of stainless steel and it is sharp enough to cut through anything. The edges are also sharp and they can easily injure the other person if you try to stab him when he is attacking you.

Comparison Between Brass Knuckles And Self Defense Knives:

Now the question of the hour is what is better? Brass knuckles or the cool knives? Well, we are going to compare both these weapons in terms of their features and use. By the end, we will reach a conclusion that’d be justified for you.

1 - Ease Of Use:

As you will be wearing the brass knuckles on your hands, it will be easier for you to deploy this weapon and throw a punch at the attacker right away. In other words, you won’t specifically have to take out this weapon, put it on, and then use it.

Remember that when it comes to self defense weapons, you should either be wearing them with you all the time when you are out or at least keep them in your pocket to deploy at any second.

As far as a knife is concerned, you can hang it with the buckle of your belt but it will still take you some time to deploy this weapon. Not just this but you also have to make sure that you are stabbing the other person with full force. In other words, with knives, things can be a little difficult for you.

2 - Effectiveness:

Brass knuckles are more effective in case of an attack because you have to throw a punch at the face of the attacker. Of course, a normal person cannot bear a strong punch without knuckles on his face and when you put brass rings around the knuckles, there are lesser chances that he’ll be able to survive the punch easily.

Knives are also effective but in comparison to knuckle dusters, they are less effective. You have to be able to stab the other person with a force so that he becomes immobilized for a while.

3 - Lethality:

Even if it is an attacker, you wouldn’t want to kill the other person, right? If so, considering the lethality of the weapon is also imperative. You see it depends on where you use the weapon in the first place.

When it comes to brass knuckles, it is always better to punch in the face but avoid the eye area or if you can’t do that, throw a strong punch on the leg or the arm of the attacker. Your whole focus should be on immobilizing the attacker for a while so that you can either escape the situation or call the police.

On the other hand, if it is a knife, well, you are supposed to aim towards the leg or the arm exactly. If you stab the attacker in his stomach or his face somewhere, it can be extremely dangerous for him, leading to severe injuries.

Here we'd again recommend that brass knuckles will best suit your situation and at least, you won’t have to worry about killing someone.

Overall Verdict:

Honestly, brass knuckles are better than knives if it is for self defense. It is a safer and more effective option. The best part is that you don’t need to train yourself for anything. It is all about throwing a punch and that can be done easily by anyone.

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