Belt buckle Knife

The self defense needs have urged people to use small sized hidden blade knives. A hidden blade is a very small knife, the blade of which remains hidden. However, the blade can be revealed when the user needs it. 

The people need to carry a small, secret weapon that is only visible when dealing with the attackers. Therefore, their best choice is a hidden blade. Hidden blades include a lipstick knife, pen knife, neck knife, boot knife, and the latest of them, the belt knife.

Belt buckle knife has been regarded as the best hidden blade. For some reasons, it is better than other blades and other self defense weapons. It can easily be regarded as an upgrade in technology. 

Manufacturers have been designing such a knife that fulfills all the needs of the users. So, this knife has come up as a solution to all the self defense needs.

Hidden Blades Have Grabbed the Attention of the People!

Since hidden blades have captivated the market, they have become a preferred choice for the users. People are inclined towards these knives for many reasons. The most notable feature of these knives is the size. 

They are so small that many of them can be carried in the pocket at the same time. Secondly, they can be carried and used secretly. There are unorthodox designs of these knives that can’t be identified by the attacker. 

Hence, you can launch a surprise counter attack secretly against him. One thing that has captivated the attention of people is the smart shapes. There are hidden blades available in the market shaped like real lipstick. 

Also, you have hidden knives shaped like a pen and a necklace. Boot knives are hidden blades to be carried in the boots. Then, there is the belt buckle knife that looks like a belt with a secret blade attached to the buckle.

What is a Belt Buckle Knife?

As it sounds, a belt buckle knife is a knife attached to the buckle of a belt. It remains hidden in the buckle and can be opened when required. It usually comes as a complete belt, but it's buckle is not a traditional belt buckle. 

Rather, it is a specially designed buckle that contains a blade. The buckle serves as a handle for the small blade.

The entire buckle can be separated from the belt to make it a small knife. The buckle becomes a thick handle which is easy to control. There is a locking mechanism that makes sure that blade does not open unless you want to. 

Following are its features and benefits that make it the best hidden blade:

Features & Benefits of a Belt Buckle Knife

- Easy to Carry

Belt buckle knives are the easiest to carry knife. Yes, all hidden blades are easy to carry, but you need to place them in your pocket which is another hassle. You can’t always walk comfortably with a blade in your pocket. 

You are also vulnerable to injuries when a knife is in your pocket. But, a belt is always around your waist. This is always a necessary thing being a part of your wearable. Hence, carrying this type of knife is easy. You don't just prevent an additional carry, you also prevent accidental injuries.

- Instant Deployment

Among the hidden blades, a belt knife is the quickest. Its blade can be deployed at an immense speed. This is what you want from your self defense weapon

Just a push of a button would deploy the blade, The buckle would be separated from the belt to make it a small knife with a thick handle. Instant deployment is such a key advantage of this knife.

- 2 in 1 Weapon

With a belt buckle knife, you actually have two weapons at the same time. The leather belt can be used for countering the attacker and then follow it up with a blade. Depending on the situation, you can use any of these two weapons or both. 

The best way to utilize the weapon is by first using the belt against the attacker and then using the blade to injure him.

- An EDC and Emergency Tool

Belt knife is not just a weapon for defense, it also serves as an emergency tool, a utility tool and an everyday carry tool. Many of these knives come with bottle openers, screwdrivers, and belt cutters. 

Also, these blades are half serrated which makes them tactical knives. You can accomplish everyday tasks easily with these knives.

- Excellent for Self Defense

Belt Buckle Knife serves as an excellent weapon for self defense. The features of this knife make it the best self defense weapon. To start with, it is easy to carry around your waist. 

Secondly, it is a very quick weapon. Thirdly, it features a very sharp blade. The blade of this knife is larger as compared to other hidden blades. Hence, you can expect extreme power and strength.

When an attacker is about to attack you, just deploy the blade of your belt buckle knives and strike him first. A single strike would do the job. It would inflict severe injury and make sure that he does not get back on his feet.  In a self defense situation, no other weapon surpasses the advantage of a belt knife.

Get The Best Belt Buckle Knife!

Since the market is enriched with plenty of belt buckle knives, it is harder to identify the best among them. However, we have done our research to bring the five best belt knives for you. Following are our top picks:

This item will give you two things in a single package. You get a nylon, adjustable belt with a hidden knife. The buckle of the belt serves as the handle for controlling the blade. The buckle is removable and has the blade hidden inside. 

The size of the knife is slightly less than 3 inches, but is very effective for dealing with the attackers. With a 53 inches long belt, you can adjust it around your waist. A pakkawood handle makes sure you have a durable knife in you arsenal.

This belt buckle knife is inspired from the Air Force. There is an air force logo on the buckle. Remember the buckle is the handle of the blade. Therefore, you have a solid air force knife. This is also an adjustable belt so that you adjust it well around your waist. 

Air Force Covert Self Defense Belt Knife

There is a powerful, full tang blade made of stainless steel to defend yourself against the attackers. Compared to other hidden blades, it features a slightly larger blade of 3.25 inches. ABS construction ensures its durability. Also, the blade is serrated for tactical uses.

This military grade belt buckle knife is known for its extreme strength. All these military knives are considered very powerful because of their stainless steel blades. 

Since military blades are often tactical blades, this belt buckle knife is also used for tactical purposes. This is why it has a half serrated blade. This razor sharp blade has a length of 3.5 inches. Hence, it can be ideal for defense against the attackers. 

Military Grade Nylon Covert Belt Knife

The blade remains hidden in the buckle, but it can be revealed instantly. Its quick deployment makes it an effective hidden blade for self defense.

Another tactical hidden blade! This belt buckle knife includes a Marines logo which determines that it is for military personnel. But, you can also use it for defending against the attackers. It features a serrated blade and also a belt cutter because you often require cutting the belt during self defense instances. 

The blade is full tang, made of stainless steel and promises immense strength. The handle is also wooden. A perfect knife for self defense!

This belt buckle knife is certainly a tribute to the Fire Department of the US. Another tactical hidden blade that promises a lot. Other than a belt and buckle with hidden knife, it features a belt cutter, bottle opener and a screwdriver. 

So, it is a great emergency knife other than just a self defense knife. If you are looking for the best tactical and emergency knife, this is an option for you. You can gain plenty of advantages from a single knife.


Belt buckle knife is far more than just a hidden blade knife. It promises a lot as it serves as an emergency knife, tactical knife and a self defense knife. The extraordinary features of this knife makes it an excellent choice. 

It is small and easy to carry because it is hidden in your belt. A few of them come with additional tools like screwdrivers, bottle opener, and belt cutters etc. If you have one of these knives, you don’t need to use any other knife.  Hence, you can say that it is the best hidden blade knife!