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11 1/2" overall. Black 440 stainless steel double edge blade. Rubber wrapped handle.
$11.94 $8.49
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7 Inch 440 Stainless Steel Teflon Coat Blood Groove Boot Knife
7" overall. 440 stainless steel black blade. Rubber handle for sure gripping. Includes nylon pouch.
$5.13 $3.66
In Stock.

Boot Knife: The Ultimate Defensive Tool

A Boot Knife is a very effective self-defense tool and an exceptional weapon as well. It is very easy to carry and as the name explains it is very easy to conceal as well thus giving you an edge over your assailant. A boot knife is actually a small blade that you can carry easily in your boots. It has a sharp, pointed tip and is used mainly for stabbing, piercing and thrusting. However, it’s not necessary to always carry it in the boots. You may carry it under your belt or you may make a knife necklace out if it by wearing it on a chain around your neck. A boot knife looks generally like a dagger of about 4-5 inches and comes in a sheath so that it can be carried quite easily and most importantly, safely.

But did you know that a boot knife is also called a gambler’s dagger? Wow, now that’s interesting! A boot knife is known as a gambler’s dagger because throughout the history, it has been used mostly by gamblers, thieves, murderers and all the bad guys. But hey! Don’t go into believing that boot knife is all about them. You can use a boot knife for self-defense and to do some simple everyday chores as well.

Boot knives gained popularity and fame when firearms were not reliable. At that time, boot knife was a very good choice for people to defend themselves against the bad guys as it is very easily concealable. It was the era when people used to wear high boots, this also made carrying boot knives very easy. Even today, boot knives serve the same purpose they served so many years ago, they are still known as one of the best hidden blades and allow you to be the best defender possible.

Boot Knives For Sale at Very Affordable Rates

At Knives Deal, we provide you a wide range of the best boot knives. Our boot knives feature impeccable designs, ergonomic grips and genuine construction materials which make them a very good and reliable option as a self defense weapon. Our top-notch boot knives will never fail you and will take care of your safety by being the best defender. We care about your hard earned money and that is why we provide you boot knives for sale that are available at the lowest possible rates. 

Quality is our niche and we strongly believe in providing the best to our customers so that they keep coming for more. Trust us, these high quality boot knives will always come in handy and will prove to be quite effective and upto mark in every phase of your life. We care about our customers and that is why we provide the fastest shipping service to our beloved customers by delivering them their order within one business day. Browse our vast selection of strong and impressive boot knives to shop from us now and we promise that you will keep coming for more.

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