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Master USA Ballistic Spring Assisted Knife Marijuana Camo Handle
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Part Number: 5L2-MU-A038MJ
Features: stainless steel blade of 3.5 inches
blade width of 3mm
marijuana camo coated handle
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Picture this scenario; you recently just purchased our best pocket knife. On a cold January night, you just got off work, at about, you head over to the bus stop, hop on bus, while you are on the bus, you fail to notice two odd looking individuals sited not too far from you. Suddenly, they jump you, little did they know that you are indeed wielding best pocket knife gotten from Knives Deal. You not only thwart their actions by defending yourself, you prevail, defeat your attackers and make a citizen’s arrest, then you wait for the authorities to cart them away. Such a scenario can only be possible if you just take a leap of faith and purchase this knife

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