While exploring the current market, we are amazed to see such an enormous variety of knives, specifically, the self-defense knives. Every now and then, we have to get to the market, either physically or explore the online market to buy some knives. At times, we find ourselves searching for best utility knives. But, in 2019, the scenario has been different. Most of the times, we are searching for knives that let us defend ourselves against the attackers.

Without a doubt, attackers are finding it easy to humiliate us. We have tried plenty of different weapons against them, but at most of the occasion, the weapons failed at a crucial time, leaving us at the mercy of the attackers. At times, self-defense devices did not work due to malfunction. Manufacturers know pretty well that only bladed weapons can rescue us from the attackers. 

Perhaps, they are referring to the famous research conducted by the researchers who concluded their study and findings determining that people are more afraid of knives than even the firearms. Similar theory applies to the attackers as well. They would only fear a knife than any other weapon.

Now, we know the reason why we have a great choice of self-defense knives in the market. But, is every knife that effective? Undoubtedly, every knife would not work in a self-defense situation. So, we need to search for an appropriate knife.

People are smart these days. They know their needs and hence, they identify the things that serve their needs. There are a few knives that have emerged as the favorites for people. They have dominated the market, but we are not focusing on all of them. Since there are plenty of knives available in the market, it is difficult to make a decision regarding the best of them. To ease your decision, we performed a research by comparing all types of knives available in the market. 

At the end, we have finalized 8 best self-defense knives that dominate the market in 2019:

1. Karambit Pocket Knife

Karambit Pocket Knife has been dominating the market for quite a while. In 2019, it has been the most popular self-defense weapon. There are many factors that have urged people to use this knife against the attackers. First of all, it is the badass style of this knife. A curved blade is enough to encourage people to prefer it over other weapons. Secondly, it is easy to carry because it fits into the pocket. It is one a few knives that are available in both folding and fixed blade versions. 

In any case, it is an effective knife, but with a foldable blade, it is ideal for self-defense. It features a very powerful, curved blade that can inflict serious injury to the attacker to let your survive.

2. Lipstick Knife

Lipstick Knife has dominated the market in 2019 because it has become very popular among the women. In fact, it is designed for female use. Keeping in mind the needs of women, the manufacturer created this perfect self-defense knife. One of the problems they face when carrying a weapon is that they don’t find a right place to hide them. Lipstick knife is just another cosmetic that they can carry. It features a small blade, secretly held in a lipstick. 

When you twist the tube, the blade appears from one end. So, women can carry it in a bag or pocket. When an attacker tries to attack, they can just pull the blade out and inflict some damage to him.

3. Brass Knuckle Knife

Brass knuckle knife is one of the unique self-defense knives dominating the market in 2019. It is sometimes known as a knuckle knife. As it sounds, it is a knuckle duster with a blade attached. Don’t confuse it with the trench knife, it is not that massive. It is designed as per the needs. Men prefer this knife because it serves in a couple of ways. First, it can be used for delivering a powerful punch. It can be worn around the knuckles. Secondly, it includes a blade for stabbing the attacker. 

Since it can be worn around the knuckles, it becomes easiest to carry. It is always ready to use which urges people to carry this knife. If an attacker comes to you, you can quickly deliver a brutal punch and then use the blade to injure him. This knife is not very popular among the ladies.

4. Neck Knife

Neck knife is one of the self-defense knives that are popular among both men and women. It is like a necklace with a blade attached to it. As it sounds, it is worn around the neck. The reason why it is a hot item in the market is because it is easy to carry. Because it is already around your neck, you have access to the blade all the time. In case you sense an attacker coming towards you, just take your blade and get ready to counter his attack. Don’t worry about the safety of your own. 

There is no chance of getting any accidental injury. The blade is covered with a leather sheath. When you need to use the blade, you can simply remove the sheath.

5. Boot Knife

Boot knife is one of the hidden blade knives that is intended to be carried in the boots. It is small, lightweight and can be carried easily in the boots. The safety of your feet is never a problem because blade is well-covered with a protective leather sheath. It is another knife that can be used at a moment’s notice. When an attacker gets closer to you, just extract the blade from your boots and launch an attack on him. The blade is small, but has the ability to inflict severe injuries.

6. Pen Knife

Pen knife is one of the finest self-defense knives in 2019. There are plenty of likable things about this small hidden blade. As the name suggests, it is a small pen that features a blade. There is a pen on one side while a blade on the other. However, the blade is covered and hidden. To reveal the blade, you just need to remove the cover. Unlike lipstick knife which features no lipstick, it does include a pen that can be used for writing. 

So, you actually a 2 in 1 item that can be used for writing as well as self-defense. The blade does have the ability to inflict severe cuts and injuries.

7. Tanto Pocket Knife

Tanto pocket knife is another foldable knife that is a popular choice as a self-defense weapon in the market in 2019. These knives are known for their strong point blades. Since they have the ability to pierce the hardest of the materials, they are enough to frighten the attackers and survive their attacks. They feature thick and pointed blades. However, their blades can be folded inside the handle to make them easy to carry.

8. Stiletto Knife

Stiletto knife, sometimes called Italian Stiletto is another self-defense knife that has captured the attention of many. This is a dagger like knife that is often considered a dagger. However, it is a type of knife that hails from Italy. The advantage of this knife is that it is available in different versions. There are stiletto switchblades that offer quick deployment speed and assisted opening stilettos that offer durability and ease of use. 

In any version, it is a perfect knife for defense against the attacker. Because it has a long, slender blade, it is a knife that attackers fear the most.

Dare to Pick One Out of These 8!

We know how difficult it is to choose one from these eight knives. As mentioned many times, these self-defense knives have been the best in 2019 and they have dominated the market. Each of them offers unique benefits. A few are best for women while a few for men. As far as women are concerned, they must have stuck to lipstick knife. However, most of the men would have picked the knuckle knife. Anyways, it is pretty hard to determine the best among these.

Every knife is ideal for self-defense, and made exclusively as a knife to defend against the attacker. But, don’t go beyond these best knives for defense. Choose any of these, and let us ensure your survival against the attackers!