Your airsoft gun is like your mate as it partners you on the field. As you want your mate to be helpful with you, so you want your gun. But, one question you should frequently ask yourself is whether your gun is the best in the business. 

You must have read many articles about which airsoft rifle you should be using. Reading suggestions from different people may confuse you. At times, there are three or four or five suggestions on a single list. This causes utter confusion in your mind. Right?

I will be straightforward with you. Rather than leaving you in a choice, it would be focusing on the best airsoft gun for you. This time around, I have come up with the best spring airsoft rifle of 2019. 


P1158D M4 Tactical Spring Airsoft Rifle with Pistol is the best rifle you will buy in 2019. It offers improved strength, shooting range, accuracy and features. 

Yes, I’m coming to a brief description of this powerful airsoft gun. Of course, there are some solid reasons behind this revelation. To start with, its extraordinary features. 

The P1158D M4 is a tactical spring airsoft rifle that comes with a pistol as well. Basically, it is a 2 in 1 weapon. If you buy the rifle, you get the pistol as an additional thing. But, both are included in a single package. 

The most prominent feature of this airsoft rifle is its spring action. We know how a spring action rifle works. There is a spring that enables shooting. Keep in mind that there is no need of gas or battery for using the gun. 

This is what makes it a durable and strong rifle. Batteries often disappoint you when they run short of power. The rifles with batteries are never reliable, ignore the electrical power. Such guns would not be preferred for airsoft gaming. This spring airsoft rifle is more reliable and powerful with its spring mechanism. You don’t have to be worried about the battery or gas. It can be a tremendously good rifle for playing airsoft games. 

With the P1158D M4, there are several additional things. Since we are exploring its features, it is worth mentioning the things incorporated in the package. The most prominent is the additional pistol. That small airsoft pistol has the similar quality, power and shooting range. In addition, there is an adjustable stock that enables accuracy in the shooting. Accuracy is a great plus with this rifle. Another thing that leads to better accuracy is the laser that comes with the rifle as well. Similarly, there is a vertical grip incorporated in the package. 

Let’s get to the speed of this quality airsoft gun. Generally, you expect spring rifles to offer less speed compared to electric air guns. However, not the case with P1158D M4. It offers a splendid speed of 200 FPS. That means, when fired, the BB can travel at 200 feet per second which is a quite high velocity. 

As far as the shooting range is concerned, this rifle does not disappoint you. It offers an effective range of more than 100 ft. This range is pretty good for a spring airsoft rifle. Even many sniper rifles don’t offer such a vast range. Let me remind you that not just speed, but range is also a very crucial factor. While buying airsoft guns, the most significant aspects you look at include velocity and range. 

The P1158D M4 comes with a detachable magazine clip. This magazine holds 50 rounds, brilliant, isn’t it? Generally, most airsoft rifles hold 25 rounds. But, a rifle is a magnificent one when it holds 50 rounds or more. 

Since we are talking about the major advantages of this rifle, improved quality tops the list. It is manufactured with quality assurance. Its body is made of plastic. But, I can say that, a fine plastic body construction. It looks pretty realistic as it replicates the original rifles. Every part of the gun looks amazingly realistic. 

Talking about adjustable stock, there are both retractable scope and mock scope. You can easily spot your target from a distance. If you are a regular airsofter, you know how these scopes come to your advantage. Those playing games in the field love to have different scopes to gain a maximum firing accuracy. On the field, it is a basic necessity and this extraordinary rifle fulfills your needs. 

There is a vertical foregrip with the P1158D M4 spring airsoft rifle. It allows to easily hold the rifle. It is important that you have a good grip on the rifle. This ultimately leads to better control over the gun, and better performance. 

We mentioned laser as an addition in the package. This gun offers a tactical laser sight of around 1 Milliwatt. This eases spotting your target on the field and results in better shooting accuracy. 

In addition, there is an LED flashlight which makes sure you have a clear sight even when its dark. The RIS Rail system improve the weapon handling on the field. 

Considering the length of the rifle, it is 32.5 inches. The weight is quite low i-e 2.3 pounds. So, it is easier to hold and control the gun because of the low weight and appropriate length. The length of the rifle also plays its part in making it look realistic. 

Remember, there is a pistol included in the package as well. That means, you get two weapons in a single product. This is another fine airsoft pistol. It’s additional, but does not mean that it is not a quality pistol. It can fire at a great velocity of 130 FPS. Hence, you can expect it to be equally good for shooting. 

Price is a huge factor that makes it the best airsoft gun in 2019. Many airsofters are concerned about the high prices of their favorite rifles. This let’s them deprived of their desired gun. As far as the tactical P1158D M4 spring airsoft rifle is concerned, it is available at a pretty reasonable price. We are talking about a rifle that is under $30. Now, think about the features and decide whether it is the right price. 

With respect to the features and benefits like accuracy, range and power, this rifle must be an expensive one. Now, add the pistol with the package as well. This price turns out to be extremely low. At such a reduced price, this is an amazing airsoft rifle. Considering all these factors, haven’t we just revealed the best airsoft gun of 2019? 

We are done with the description of its features. Now, let’s move to its benefits on the field. 

The purpose of buying airsoft guns in 2019 is playing airsoft games 9 out of 10 times. So, the first thing you must be curious to know is how good this rifle will be on the field. 

Well, the good news is this is the best spring airsoft rifle you would use in 2019 for playing games. The foremost factor is the accuracy of this rifle. You know how crucial this is. If your rifle is inaccurate, you would lose the plot very early. In addition, you would lose BBs and end up running out of BBs at a crucial time. In the games like President, Close Quarters Combat and Zombie, you need accurate guns to win. Otherwise, you are guaranteed to end up being on the losing side. 

Other than accuracy, high velocity is a significant factor. This rifle allows you to fire at a speed of 200 FPS which is great. While playing any airsoft game on the field, you need to be quick. You can’t be quick unless your weapon is quick. With this tactical rifle, you have the advantage of high firing speed which is very much a guarantee to win the battles. 

P1158D M4 is a durable and powerful rifle. It lasts longer than any other gun. On the field, you require a strong gun that does not disappoint you. Also, you require a weapon with a broader shooting range. In games like Sniper and Capture the Flag, you need to hit the target from a great distance. For this purpose, your airsoft gun should offer broader range. P1158D M4 offers a range of minimum 100 feet which is what you require on the field. 

In a game like Rescue the Hostage, you also require a backup weapon. Once you rescue the hostages, you need to arm them with pistols. Because you are provided a pistol with the P1158D M4, you can hand them over to the hostages so that they protect themselves with the pistol till they reach the safe spot. 

Another good news is that it can serve as the bes sniper rifle too. Since it has the mock scope, retractable scope and laser, it can be extremely effective gun for a sniper. The range and accuracy are also required in a game like Sniper. So, this rifle has all what it takes to be a good airsoft sniper rifle. 


P1158D M4 spring airsoft rifle is indeed the best airsoft gun of 2019. Since it is powerful, accurate and comes with numerous features, it is the most effective and advantageous rifle for playing airsoft games.