Best stun guns to carry

A stun gun is a device that emits an electric discharge along the length of two metal probes and creates a powerful electric current between them. This has the effect of overloading the nerve cells in whatever it comes into contact with and generates intense muscle contractions that cause temporary paralysis. 

The intended use for these devices is to incapacitate an attacker or assailant without causing them any permanent physical harm like a gunshot would do. Some people also feel that it's more humane than using lethal force. There are many different gadgets, from small lipstick sized models, to larger “judo-chop” type ones, but they all work pretty much the same way.

How Do Stun Guns Work?

These electroshock devices use powerful high voltage to deliver an electric shock to the intended victim. This is achieved by inserting one or more metal probes into the attacker's body, usually in the arm or leg making the whole procedure painless and relatively painless. 

The metal probes are connected by a wire to a device that contains batteries which in turn power the metal probes. The wires are insulated with rubber which acts as a Faraday cage, blocking any possible electromagnetic pulses from reaching their target.

You can use a stun gun to stimulate the nerve system and temporarily disable an individual by causing pain and muscle contraction, typically causing loss of balance or muscle control and unintentional discharge of urine or fecal contents. However, it can also be used as an immobilization device against aggressive animals such as dogs.

Stun guns

What Happens When Someone is Shocked by Stun Guns?

When an attacker is hit with these shock devices, it sends out two main electrical pulses of electricity that can not only instantly disable them but it also disables their muscles so they cannot fight back successfully. 

The shock wave caused by the discharge disables all involuntary muscles (including the heart) and stops their blood flow to the brain, which can render them unconscious. In addition to this, it also burns through the skin and muscle tissue that touches it.

Factors that Influence the Effectiveness of Guns

The effectiveness of stun guns relies on two main factors. The first is its voltage level, which determines how painful and disabling a shock will be. Secondly, it relies on its force of impact, which determines how hard and where it will hit an attacker. 

Most of these guns are thought to be effective at values between 300 kV and 1 MV with most being in the 500 kV range. They have a force of impact of between 20 and 40 kN with most being in the 30 kN to 40 kN range. Stuns these days are often powered by lithium batteries. 

Main Types of Stun Guns

There are many different stun gun models available on the market today, though most have similar designs and construction. There are two main types that mainly differ in terms of their power source: ionic and electro-static. Ionic guns use a static electric charge that is generated from an electrostatically charged air charge to provide their electrical current.

They come in two general types: contact guns and air stun guns. Contact guns work by delivering voltage through direct contact with an attacker by pressing the device against his or her skin; air stun models fire projectiles that send a shock via thin cords or wires into attackers as they approach.

  • Contact Stun Guns: 

There are a number of different ways to operate a contact model. Some newer models feature two prongs that activate the voltage on contact, while some older models have a single prong that is pushed against the skin to deliver static electricity. Regardless of the model, all contact guns work by creating an electric current through the air and produce a sensation of pain.

  • Air Stuns: 

Air-based guns function by firing thin darts that electrically shock attackers upon contact. Some models are built of plastic to be lightweight and concealable, while others use powerful magnets for greater stopping power. Air-based guns need no charging other than replacing old ammunition and will provide an effective defense in many situations.

  • Fire-Based Stun Guns: 

Fire-based stun guns work best when there is a spark present, such as in a pocket or held in hand when stepping into a room. Many types also have a safety switch that can’t be activated unless the gun is in a properly charged state. These models produce an instant shock when triggered, and are generally regarded as the most powerful type of these guns.

Most Common Categories of Stun Guns

  • Stun Baton

A stun baton is a device that tasers or electrifies the area surrounding the contact point with its electric current. They are typically carried by law enforcement officers and are used to momentarily incapacitate a suspect and give officers more time to make an arrest or effect a control hold.

Stun baton

These baton guns can be differentiated from Tasers in that they don't shoot projectiles (such as clips) and instead discharge electricity at one end of the device which is then forced through some type of conductive object--usually, but not always, a metal rod attached to one end of the device.

  • Cell Phone Stun Guns

Cell phone stun guns are much more than just another tool for self-defense. Cell phone guns can also be used to subdue unruly individuals, give yourself time to escape or defend yourself. They’re a great threat deterrent as well! 

The application that has been designed will notify you when someone is approaching your position so you can arm and deactivate your self defense device before an attack occurs. It's essential that we have these on hand at all times in order to protect ourselves when we're out and about.

The best part is, the cell phone stun gun is so small you can carry it in your purse or even on your keychain without anyone noticing.

  • Lipstick Stun Gun

Lipstick guns are a new self-defense device for women who want to feel safe when leaving the house. These devices look like ordinary lipsticks but have this device in place of a lipstick, meaning they're easy enough to put on before an outing. Besides the fact that it's bad enough when men assault women but now we have to worry about our own safety? 

A common misconception about a lipstick stun gun is that only weak or small people need them — this couldn't be further from the truth! When you find yourself at the mercy of an attacker, any extra help can make all the difference in your chances of escape and how severely you are harmed during the attack.

  • Flashlight Stun Guns

A flashlight stun device is a type of personal self defense device. Its primary function is to temporarily disable an attacker with a bright light beam, but it also has been used to harass and cause pain without permanent damage. 

These flashlights are legal in most states, although some states have banned them as they may be considered weapons or considered a threat if they could easily be confused for regular lighting equipment.

These guns are available in many different shapes and sizes which increase the likelihood of success when trying to deter an attacker. The flashlight stun gun can either be handheld or worn around the wrist as well as attached by a strap or holster on your belt loop, so finding one that fits your needs shouldn't be much of an issue.

Stun gun flashlight

Damage Caused by a Stun Gun

An electrical impulse applied to a nerve can cause intense pain. For example, if someone stuck a fork in your hand you would experience the same level of pain as getting stunned. The exception is that the sensation that you feel after getting stunned will be much stronger than if you got the fork. 

A law enforcement officer might use these devices when they want to incapacitate someone quickly because it's less painful than other methods such as pepper spray or even physical restraint like handcuffing, but there are also many other practical uses for this device.

Carry a Stun Gun for Your Survival!

Stun guns are generally intended to immobilize a person temporarily by sending energy waves into the body. The most common use of these guns is to prevent or reverse someone from committing suicide. These guns have been serving as excellent self defense weapons, with fatal consequences. 

They are used by the police and military as nonlethal weapons, and also for general crowd control and control of animals such as horses. They were legally invented in 1965 under the name of "The Electronic Striker" (ES). Nowadays you can buy a gun online for your protection or travel kit.