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Survivor Brown Straight Fixed Blade Survival Hunting Knife With Sheath
12" Overall Length Survivor Bowie Knife with Satin Finish Stainless Steel Reverse Serration Blade. Includes Hard Molded Sheath with Belt Loop
$17.05 $12.19
Out of Stock.
Combat Blades - Slicing And Dicing, All Day Long
Survivor 12 Inch Fixed Blade Survival Knife Army Green ABS Handle
$8.52 $6.11
Out of Stock.
Tac Force Fixed Blade Outdoor Survival Knife Compass Fire Starter Lanyard
Tac Force Fixed Blade Outdoor Survival Knife Compass Fire Starter Lanyard
$32.71 $23.36
In Stock.
Elk Ridge Survival Gear Knife With Nylon Cord
The length of the blade is 3.75 inch and it is made from 3cr13 steel. The cord and the knife boost the owners survival chance. Will sell by the dozen
$15.37 $10.98
In Stock.

Survival Knife - Your Greatest Companion All the Way Through

Shop your desired survival knife from Knives Deal to make sure you have a solid companion that lets you survive in emergency situations. This knife serves the best in these situations because they are a perfect choice.

If you often find yourself camping and hunting in a landscape, a survival knife needs to accompany you. It does not just let you ease your camping and hunting tasks, it also allows you to face difficult situations with courage. For example, you can defend yourself against a wild animal and an attacker efficiently with this badass knife.

What Makes a Survival Knife?

A survival knife is easily the strongest knife you would ever use. It has certain incredible features and offers plenty of benefits. What makes this knife powerful is its full tang blade. We all know how powerful full tang fixed blades are. So, this knife promises enormous strength and durability. Secondly, the blade has immense thickness and hence it lasts longer than other knives. 
A survival knife has greater length than other knives as well. This is why it serves in hunting and skinning the large game, such as deer. Made of high carbon steel, the blade is often half serrated. A few of them don’t feature serrations. But, in any case, the strength of these knives is unmatchable. So, buy this knife as your arsenal deserves such  a powerful blade. 

Best Survival Knives for Sale

At Knives Deal, we have the best survival knives for sale. Our inventory incorporates the most stylish and extraordinary knives designed by most renowned manufacturers like MTech and Elk Ridge etc. There is a massive variety differing in terms of colors styles, designs and types. Explore the variety to buy your favorite ones.

Shop Your Favorite Survival Knife at the Cheapest Price!

At Knives Deal, shop your desired survival knife at the lowest possible rate. We ensure the cheapest prices for our knives, but at the same time, we ensure quality. Our knives are of ultra-premium quality. 

These knives are exclusively made for emergency situations, hence, they come up as the best knives to have when your aim is to survive. To ensure your survival in harsh circumstances, make sure to buy this incredibly powerful knife from us at a guaranteed lowest price!

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