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Tac Force Fixed Blade Outdoor Survival Knife Compass Fire Starter Lanyard
Tac Force Fixed Blade Outdoor Survival Knife Compass Fire Starter Lanyard
$32.71 $23.36
In Stock.
Elk Ridge Survival Gear Knife With Nylon Cord
The length of the blade is 3.75 inch and it is made from 3cr13 steel. The cord and the knife boost the owners survival chance. Will sell by the dozen
$15.37 $10.98
In Stock.

Buy a Survival Knife - Ensure Your Survival in All Circumstances

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A survival knife is the most durable and powerful knife ever constructed. It possesses a few incredible features and is the knife you must have in your arsenal. You must carry this knife for your survival in all circumstances. You can battle the attackers with this knife, and use tactical features of the knife for other purposes. So, get one now. Buy a survival knife from Knives Deal and allow us to ship it to your address within one business day! 

Cheapest Survival Knives for Sale

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