Blank Guns

You must have never thought of using a gun without any projectile. In fact, most of you have not even heard of any such creation. Let us surprise you by introducing you to the world of blank guns. These guns are truly a wonderfully powerful weapon that has the potential to surprise its user.

To know more about this weapon, you must thoroughly read this article.


You may think of Blank guns as a firearm gun that works without any projectile. However, it still creates a sound as fierce as the sound of an ordinary bullet rifle.

Isn't it amazing? Are you wondering how this gun actually works? Well, you don’t need to put extra strain on your nerves.

We have also got an answer to this commonly asked question. All that you have to do is to read this article till the end.

Other Names:

Based on their functionality and working mechanism, blank guns are also awarded several other names. These names further through light on the fact that these guns can work even without any projectile material.

Those names are given below.
  • Salute guns
  • Prop Guns
  • Movie Prop Guns
  • Starter pistols
These names alone are enough to let you have a better idea of the utility of these guns in our lives. Hence, we will discuss that later in this article. So, stay tuned and keep reading.


Initially, these front firing blank guns were just a part of comic books and novels where they were used to deceive people. Later in the 1970's these surprising made appearance in Germany and Eastern Europe.

In fact, blank cartridges were also sold and they were compatible with all your ordinary bullet rifles. These cartridges instantly gained popularity and thus popularity, in turn, gave rise to the production of these guns.

The only problem with those blank guns was that they were either single-shot guns or revolvers. The improvements were later made and these guns became even more popular among users.

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Purpose of Creation:

These guns were massively created for making a striking noise at occasions where a bullet rifle was not needed. Even after years of their introduction, these are still effectively serving this purpose. 

Also, the idea was to provide a realistic shooting experience in a safe manner. Since there is no real projectile fired from these guns, there isn't any threat! Also, you can enjoy real sound of firing, thanks to fumes that are discharged from the barrel. 

Uses of Blank Guns:

Just like every other weapon, these were also created to serve mankind in one way or the other. Thus, these blank guns also have a number of distinct utilities in our life.

Some of the most prominent applications of these splendid weapons are given below. Kindly go through these to have a better idea of why these guns are considered a worthy creation. Let's begin.

    • Military Training:

These guns are commonly used in the military for training purposes. Obviously, you cannot let an inexperienced person play with a bullet rifle. This is extremely unsafe for the user as well as for the people in his surroundings.

There, these blank guns serve as a valuable substitute to all other forms of shooting guns. This further gives reason to the fact that these guns are safe up to some extent.

Front firing Blank guns

    • Funeral Honors:

If you have ever attended the funeral of an impact-full military official, you must have heard a striking report of the gun there.

Basically, blank guns are used for this purpose too. The sound of the gunshot is to pay tribute to the honorable officer who is soon going to rest under the heaps of sand.

It further symbolizes the terror and charm of this reputable field and profession. I am sure most of you were not already aware of this fact.

    • Starter Pistols:

Whether you are at a polo race or at your child's raving competition, you are most likely to hear the report of a gun at the start of the race. That noise is created by using these popular blank guns. This application immensely contributes to giving these guns the name of starter pistols.

Nevertheless, it is a controversial topic since a huge number of people argue that a starter pistol is basically a replica of these guns. This is somewhat true. There is a slight difference between an original and replica blank pistol.

Only an expert can identify and highlight that difference. This is an entirely different topic, thus, we will throw light on it in a separate article.

    • Movies and Plays:

Also known as movie prop guns, these guns are ideally used in movies and theatrical production. Fighting and adventure are known as visual tools to trigger your adrenaline glands. In fact, a movie or a play is often considered worthy based on the popularity of a realistic action scene exhibited in it.

Artists are anchors put in all their efforts to make it possible. At the same time, tools like full auto blank guns are rightly used to leave a long-lasting impact on the viewer's mind.

Do you remember that sudden report of the gun that made you tremble? Well, it was just a random shot of this blank gun. Are you surprised to know about this usual trick?

The naughty little kid in you must now be thinking to grab one such gun to trick other people around you. However, you must keep the following things in mind.

    • Theatrical blank pistols are exclusively created.
    • They are specially equipped to give a dramatic effect.
    • They are not commonly available in a market near you.
    • They are comparatively safe to use.
    • 5-in-1 Blanks are generally ideal for this use.

    • Explosive:

These guns also intrude in your busy lives in matters where an explosive power of a gun is required. For instance, these guns are used for launching tear gas when required. Larger blank guns are even used for line launching guns.

Another interesting fact is that the party poppers that we use are also based on the same mechanism. Can you even imagine celebrating a birthday party without bursting party poppers?

I am sure, you can’t. This truly depicts a man's innate need for thrill and adventure in his life. It further highlights the worth of audio-visual aids in triggering a man's emotions. Isn't it amazing?

    • Shooting Competitions:

The participants of some of the target shooting competitions also make use of these guns. These guns are specially equipped to hit the target that is placed relatively close to the person holding this gun.

This is how these guns rightly hit the balloons placed on a shooting board. Obviously, you can’t harm or kill an individual by shooting them with these guns. Still, these guns are quite controversial among masses and we will surely deal with this aspect in this article.

    • Safety Alarms:

In some areas the alarms that are used to create a loud noise to call or warn people often use cartridges of these guns. It is also one of the most common applications of these astonishing tool.

So, the next time you hear someone talking about the report of a gun, you will know that this sound is coming out of a blank pistol.

    • Dog Training:

Dogs are not very comfortable with loud noises. On the other hand, they are exceptionally capable of serving as companions to armed forces. This triggers a need to make them used to loud noises.

For this purpose, these guns are extensively used. To be honest, these effectively serve all these purposes. This accounts for the quality and effectiveness of these guns as worthy weapons.

Cheap Blank Guns

Working Mechanism:

After reading all these details you must have questioned yourself how do these guns work? We are about to get you out of this suspense now.

These guns work by making use of gunpowder instead of the projectile. Paper of plastic wadding seals its propellant into its casing.

When you fire with this gun, it thus makes a flash along with an explosive sound.

Safety Concerns:

People who choose to use these guns have various safety concerns with these weapons. This is, in fact, one of the most controversial aspects of this tool.

Basically, these guns are relatively safe as compared to other options available in the market. But there again, you must not forget that a weapon is a weapon after all.

Therefore, just like every other weapon, you also need to deal with it sensibly. A little bit of training can actually make things easier and better for you in this regard. Professionals are better able to handle such specialized tools.

The Final Word:

All in all, we believe blank firing guns, prop guns or starter pistols are ideal if you want to experience realistic shooting. Moreover, they are ideal for theatrical production such as cosplay and movies. Military training, dog training and starting races are other ways these bullet-less guns can be used. 

So, do you need a weapon for any of these functionalities? If yes, blank guns are an ideal choice for you. Go grab one that best fits in your criteria.