What to Look for In Battle Ready Swords?

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battle ready sword

Battle ready swords are a class apart. There's something phenomenal about these swords that instantly capture the buyer's attention. These swords are currently ruling.....

What Are the Basic Principles of Sword Fighting Techniques?

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They say that a sword may lose its shine but it can never disobey its master. But for this to happen, the master first becomes an expert in sword fighting techniques. This again is a challenging task that improves with time and experience.....

The Best Pocket Knife of 2020

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pocket knife

The knife is among the most antique tools in mankind's development. Whether used to hunt, fight, make or create shelter, knives have always been chief and essential throughout human history......

Exploring the Common and Technical Types of Blades Available

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Knives are classified into several distinct types and categories. In a similar way, their blades are also available in a number of distinct types. These types are either based on their shape or size....

The Reliable USA Made Knives for Your Ease

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usa made knives

There are so many things you need to observe before buying a knife for yourself. This way, if you don’t completely overview your selected knife, you might miss many of its features. So, try to be alert when selecting your ideal knife......

Do Brass Knuckles Hurt Your Fingers?

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brass knuckles

Have you wondered why do you love wearing brass knuckles? Have you ever tried using these in a serious fight? Well, if yes, are you satisfied with how impactful these really are?......

Great Badass Knives Every Knife Fanatic Should Own

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Nowadays, the online market is your absolute destination for the highest quality and largest selection of badass knives at the lowest prices possible. From pocket knives and survival knives to bayonets and Bowie knives.....

The Best Bone Handle Knife of All Time

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best bone handle knife

A classy knife embellished with a bone handle looks as good as a vintage centerpiece resting in your lounge. The pleasing effect of such an awesome creation intensely satisfies your anesthetic thirst....

How to Close a Pocket Knife?

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pocket knife

People might ask you how you close your pocket knife. Well, the answer to this question depends on the type of knife you have......

A Brief Guide on how to Sharpen An Axe?

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throwing axe

Maintaining a throwing axe or a bushcraft axe is essential to do to keep it powerful and sharpened. The reason is that only sharp blades are efficient, effective, and safe to use.......

How to Use A Butterfly Knife?

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butterfly knife

A butterfly knife, also known as a balisong, is a multipurpose tool just like a fixed blade, or a pocket knife functioning with a spring mechanism......

The Best Everyday Carry Knife

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An everyday carry knife is among the most used tools the world over. In view of its multiple uses, this knife enjoys a distinctive reputation......

Enlist the Quality Butterfly Knives for 2020

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butterfly knives

If you roam around a weapon market, you will find a huge variety of folding pocket knives everywhere. However, not all of them are as popular as butterfly knives......

Multiple Best Ways to Use Brass Knuckles

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brass knuckles

If you are in search of a multipurpose weapon, you must have heard of brass knuckles. People literally love these for their ability to serve a number of distinct purposes......

How to Forge A Knife?

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You might face such situations in which there is a need for making your knife and forge it. Hence, for doing so, the basic thing you need is to have a piece of metal and for creating the shape of the blade, the heating process is required......

Why Start Airsoft Gaming In 2020?

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airsoft gaming

Airsoft sports have enormously gained popularity over the years. One of the core reasons behind this is the presence of airsoft guns. To be honest, these guns have played a significant role in attracting people towards this sport.....

How Do Front Firing Blank Guns Work?

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front firing blank guns

Front blank firing guns are in vogue in view of the multiple uses that these effortlessly offer to their users. These guns are exceptionally capable of fulfilling the purpose of their creation......

The Most Expensive Knife of 2020

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A knife is certainly a man's best friend in need. An intellectual person once stated that 'A man without a knife is a man without a life'......

Look At the 7 Best Blank Firing Guns of 2020

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Blank Firing Guns

Blank firing guns have gradually made their distinct place in a world full of bullet guns. These guns are now highly popular among the masses for numerous reasons.....

How to Make your Own Ninja Star at Home?

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ninja star

Ninja Stars are one of the finest Ninja weapons that have secured a special place in the hearts of Ninja lovers. These are generally regarded as best throwing weapons the world over.....

Spring Assisted Knives - A Great Tool for Everyday Routine Tasks

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Spring Assisted Knives

Whether you are performing any of your indoor tasks like the kitchen chores or you are facing any difficult situation outside, spring assisted knives will help you out in both of the situations effectively.....

How Custom-Made Sword Canes Assist in Self Defense

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Sword Cane

We can surely understand your love for a sword cane. We know this weapon has a distinctive place in your heart. But, are you even familiar with what this weapon really is?.....

How to Sharpen an Axe? A Detailed Answer is Here!

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throwing axe

Good news for all the wood lovers out there. But before telling you the news, let me ask you some questions. Do you really want something to improve your skills and show some love for wood and cutting?....

How to Sharpen a Knife with a Stone?

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Keeping a sharp blade on your knife is very important for your safety. Nothing ensures the durability of your knife in daily routine more than proper maintenance and sharpening.....

The 10 Best Pocket Knife for Knife Enthusiasts

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best pocket knife

I am sure you must have looked for the best pocket knife quite often. Have you ever wondered why? Well, the answer to this question is quite simple.....

Why Is Pepper Spray Illegal? How Badly It Hurts?

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pepper spray

Pepper spray is one of the most effective self defense weapons that you will ever find. It works instantly and protects you from the attacker's attack. Basically, it can cause immense pain and burn in the attacker's eyes....

How to Make an Assassin's Creed Hidden Blade Knife?

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hidden blade knife

Are you a game player? Have you always admired the hidden blade Assassin’s Creed knife? Do you want to get your hands on this knife without spending much?....

10 Best EDC Knives of 2020 - Buying Guide

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best edc knives of 2020

In the cutlery section of our favorite mall, we see hundreds of EDC knives in front of us. But we never really buy each one of them. So, what basically makes us buy a particular knife? What factors do we consider when buying a knife?....

Which is the Best EDC Lightweight Pocket Knife?

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pocket knife

If you have recently developed an interest in having a pocket knife and weapon collection, you must have heard a new abbreviation – EDC. This is something unknown to a layman and that is why you must have never heard of it before....

Airsoft Guns Vs Airgun- What Is the Difference Between Them?

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People who are fond of collecting guns often search for Airsoft Guns vs Airgun on the internet. It is, in fact, one of the most frequently asked questions over online forums and on other query-based platforms....

King Arthur Sword – History, Features, And Popularity

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king arthur Sword

King Arthur Sword is among the most used medieval weapons but most of the people have never really heard about this sword. Let us share with you all the things that we know about this legendary weapon.

Brass Knuckles History and its use as Self Defense Weapon!

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Brass knuckles, sometimes known as knuckle duster or simply as knucks, is a small sized aggressive weapon. It is one of the few weapons that are wearable. It is worn around the knuckles to make the fist more powerful....

Here’s Everything You Should Know About the Kunai Knife

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Kunai Knife

A Japanese tool or weapon that is derived from “Masonry Trowel” is known as the Kunai knife. There are differences found in them because some of them are short kunai while some are big kunai.....

A User’s Experience About Zelda Swords and Their Gameplay

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Zelda swords are the backbone of the Zelda series. Let us first know more about these magical series. The Legend of Zelda arrangement is one of the most notable computer game series of all time....

3 Gorgeous Highlander Swords for Crazy Enthusiasts

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Swords might have become old fashioned, but they are still extremely popular. There are people who are crazy fans of these bladed weapons even today. Because some words are gorgeous, people love to keep them in their collection.....

10 Cosplay Weapons That are Great for Home and Office Decor!

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You always want your home and office to look nice. And why not! These are the places where you spend most of your time. It is great to have some things places in your office and home that give you pleasure....

Best Spring Airsoft Rifle of 2019 Revealed

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Your airsoft gun is like your mate as it partners you on the field. As you want your mate to be helpful with you, so you want your gun. But, one question you should frequently ask yourself is whether your gun is the best in the business......

10 Significant Items You Can Add to Your Survival Gear

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Generally, in America, when you talk about survival, you definitely mean surviving against the attackers. Americans can’t be blamed for this, but the random attacks have stick to their minds....

2019 Halloween Costumes Ideas For Everyone

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Halloween is one of the most special days of the year. It is an event the people await year-round. It is celebrated on 31st October every year. Not long ago, people were not that interested in this event....

Ancient Warrior’s Essentials - Crusader Helmet

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crusader helmet

Advancement in the technology has changed a lot. Our lifestyles have changed to a great extent including the way nations battle each other. Today, we will specifically talk about this change....

History of the Great Katana Sword

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Today, we have stepped into a modern world where wars are fought with nuclear weapons and firearms. Swords have no place in a warrior’s arsenal anymore. Today, only a few enthusiasts and collectors tend to have swords. 

16 Lovely Cosplay Weapons for Decor, Cosplay and Costume!

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Market is full of precious and lovely items for decoration of your houses and offices, cosplay and Halloween costumes. With Halloween coming nearer and nearer, people are searching for such items that would complete their costumes.

The Most Impressive Knife of the Year Revealed

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The year 2019 brought a range of magnificent knives that blew our minds. Indeed, it is extremely difficult to figure out the one most impressive knife among them. But, looking at certain key factors, one can determine which knife must be named the “best”.

The 9 oz. Black Leather Billy Club for Self Defense - A Review

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Billy Club, also known as a slapper, is actually a weapon used by the law enforcement that worked pretty well for them. Though it was not the only weapon they used. We have seen police officers using batons and pepper sprays for crow control as well. However, billy club was a pretty effective weapon that assisted the officers during such instances. Today, it has been used by the general public for defense against the attackers....

Belt Buckle Knife - The Best Hidden Blade in Your Arsenal

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The self defense needs have urged people to use small sized hidden blade knives. A hidden blade is a very small knife, the blade of which remains hidden. However, the blade can be revealed when the user needs.....

History and Classification of Short Sword

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Short sword, as the name suggests, is a relatively smaller sword than an original sword. It is a single-handed sword with a handle that just features a grip with a single hand. This was a popular sword during the Medieval era. Specifically, it was a frequently used sword in the European nations. They served as blades for everyday cutting, but importantly, they were used as primary fighting weapons during wars....

Distinctive Uses of Different Types of Knives

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Every knife is popular for some reasons. Most importantly, a knife is known for the way it serves the user, in other words, the uses of the knife. As one expects, every knife has a distinctive use. Yes, a few knives may serve multiple purposes. But there is always one specific task for which a particular knife is used. For instance, you can use a walking cane for beating someone, but it is best known for walking.....

8 Best Self-defense Knives That Dominate the Market in 2019

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While exploring the current market, we are amazed to see such an enormous variety of knives, specifically, the self defense knives. Every now and then, we have to get to the market, either physically or explore the online market to buy some knives. At times, we find ourselves searching for best utility knives. But, in 2019, the scenario has been different....

Pocket Knives - The Coolest Knives in 2019

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Pocket knives have come up as the first choice for the users for plenty of reasons. They have found them the coolest in the market. In 2019, you have a vast choice if you head to the market in search of knives. But, all of them are not as cool as the pocket knives. In this article, we reveal why these knives are the coolest. However, we also focus on the essential information you must know regarding these knives. But, let’s start with what these knives are...

Airsoft Pistols - What to Know as a Beginner!

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There is a huge buzz around with regards to airsoft guns these days. People are often found talking about these guns and their uses. Those who have never used them are always keen to figure out how cool they are. Many think they are just the toy guns kids use for playing. But they are actually pretty different. If you are a beginner or trying to begin your career in airsoft, there are plenty of things you need to be aware of....

Kids Playing with Airsoft Guns - Things You Need to Know as a Parent

Posted by Knives Deal on 6/10/2019 0 Comments

Remember as a kid, what your activities were. I still recall some memories of playing with toy guns, and it was fun really! In our era, there were no smartphones and we had time to get to the playgrounds and play several outdoor games. Honestly, I was never afraid of using the guns that could fire plastic-made bullets to my friends, and the same goes for them....

Brass Knuckles - A Weapon, Accessory and Much More!

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History suggests that men are quite keen to ease their tasks by creating something that can be used for multiple tasks. One such example is a knife which was first used just as a utility tool, but later transformed into a fighting weapon. But, nowadays, there are a few versions of knives that serve as self defense weapons....

Airsoft Guns - A Key to the Most Enjoyable Outdoor Activities

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Outdoor activities, to me, are essential for a happy living. What if you had to work throughout the week, and there was no holiday to get engaged in any other activity? That sounds too harsh, and an injustice with the humanity. For a happier living and better health, it is pretty essential to get involved in any outdoor activity....

5 Anime Swords in My Arsenal That I Love the Most

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I’m a huge fan of anime characters, are you? I guess many of you love these characters because they are too entertaining and at times, very inspiring. They are often portrayed as superheroes that belong to an imaginary world. I absolutely love them. You would be surprised to know that I have watched more animated movies than other movies in my life....

Analyzing Every Knife as a Survival Knife

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When it comes to survival, we are taking many things under consideration. It’s not just about survival against the attackers, it’s also about surviving during emergency situations, such as accidents, harsh conditions....

How to Forge Damascus Steel?

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damascus steel

Damascus steel is a very mysterious and interesting type of steel. The patterns etched on it makes one fall into their depth trying to solve their unsolved mystery. This steel was actually imported from Sri Lanka....

Exploring The Extraordinary Features of a Butterfly Knife

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Knives have been the essential items owned by the humans. There is hardly a person who does not own a knife. There are a at least a couple of knives found in every house. Knives are extremely useful because they serve plenty of purposes. Since they have been invented, they were used for accomplishing several tasks, including cutting veggies and fruits, self defense, fighting and hunting etc....

Are Airsoft Guns Accurate and What are Their Best Practices?

Posted by Knives Deal on 5/10/2019 0 Comments

Airsoft is a sport that has a huge number of `fans all over the world. Adults and teenagers alike are obsessed with this outdoor sports and spend lots on getting the right airsoft gear i.e. airsoft guns, guns accessories, and airsoft attire....

The 3 Types of Cool Knives in 2019

Posted by Knives Deal on 5/9/2019 0 Comments

Knives are one of the oldest tools and weapons used by mankind. Notwithstanding the way, they have been used, but they have served humans in every possible way. From utility uses to self defense, knives have proved to be extremely advantageous. Though we have moved to 2019, we are still using knives for accomplishing plenty of purposes....

The 7 Most Fascinating Top Hidden Blade Knives

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All video game and fantasy fanatics know about Assassin’s Creed. This game is liked by teenagers and is being played from years. From its release until now, millions of people have played it. It is a fighting combat game. This game’s main weapons, the weapons on which whole game is totally revolving around are hidden blades....

Using Butterfly Knife For the First Time - Some Key Suggestions

Posted by Knives Deal on 4/29/2019 0 Comments

Using a weapon for the first time seems pretty dangerous, specifically, when you are using a bladed weapon. Yes, firearms are harder to use without any prior experience, but they are not too risky. When I talk about a bladed weapon, I mean a knife or a sword. When you buy a knife, you would first make sure to learn using it in a right, and most importantly, a safe manner....

The Most Menacing Knuckles Duster for Everyone

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World has become a house of crime. The world, which we are residing in, is nothing less than a circus in which one has to save oneself and has to fight for his own self for his own well being. One can take measures from a diverse range of self defense gears to one’s own physical strength and power to knock somebody down, in terms of self defense....

Top 3 Best Traditional Pocket Knives of All Time

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Pocket knives are ruling over the world of blades for almost a decade now. These knives are exemplary in all terms and their huge collection further tempts the buyer to try them.....

Stun Gun - A Small, But Perfect Defender

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America is no more the safest part of the world. Almost every other day news breaks, disclosing a number of people victimized by the attackers. The attackers are finding it easy to approach and attack the people, especially in dark. What even more dangerous is the sudden increase in the number of violent crimes in the recent times....

Medieval Helmets & Costume Ideas for Halloween

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Halloween is not far away now and people are curious to find their costumes for the day. As October rises, people start searching for their costumes so that they dress up well on the famous Halloween Day which is October 31 in the US.....

6 Amazing Swords with Iconic Background Stories

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If you are looking for the best and most amazing swords for sale then you aren't the only one; there are thousands of people like you and me who are obsessed with these iconic big blades. The use of swords has been with us for a long time; in fact, from the historical point of view, the use of swords was at the peak during the era of ancient feudal Japan.....

Making of Real Swords - Exploring The History

Posted by Knives Deal on 4/12/2019 0 Comments

As long as records are kept, bladed weapons would remain as one of the important weapons men used throughout the history. The earliest weapons used by the humans in fact included edges. The edged stones served as handy weapons for fighting. Most of the bladed weapons.....

A Basic Guide to the Different Types of Airsoft Guns

Posted by Knives Deal on 4/10/2019 0 Comments

With respect to model and design, there is a huge variety of the airsoft guns available in the market; however, basically, there are three types of airsoft guns with regards to their firing mechanism. We are talking about the electric airsoft guns, the spring-powered airsoft guns, and the gas-powered airsoft guns....

Fixed Blade Knives - Practical Uses & Advantages

Posted by Knives Deal on 4/9/2019 0 Comments

As it sounds, a fixed blade knife is a knife with a fixed blade. We normally compare it with the folding knife which on the other hand does not have a fixed blade. Hence, the names of these two knives in fact determine the blade position. Folding knife has a fold-able blade that is move-able.....

5 Self Defense Weapons I Would Prefer Using in 2019

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Since I have been attacked twice by unknown attackers, I always leave my house equipped with some self defense weapons. I was never that keen to take any weapon with me before I was attacked. Since then, I have been encouraging my loved ones to not ignore the fact that random attacks are on a rise these days....

Disclosing The Brilliant Features of Spring Assisted Knives

Posted by Knives Deal on 4/5/2019 0 Comments

Spring Assisted Knives, also named assisted opening knives, are the types of pocket knives with some exceptional features. These knives have gained the attention of the enthusiasts since their features have been revealed. These are one of the frequently used bladed weapons due to their multi-functional nature....

What are 6 of the Best Ninja Weapons of All Times?

Posted by Knives Deal on 4/4/2019 to Self Defense 0 Comments

The Ninja stars are among the most famous and most widely used real ninja weapons of all times. Another name for the ninja star is the "Shuriken"; all Ninja-lovers must have heard about this one before....

Top 10 Most Thrilling Airsoft Games You Should Be Playing in 2019

Posted by Knives Deal on 4/2/2019 0 Comments

The thrill and excitement of airsoft has been on a rise. More and more people worldwide are eager to get engaged in this game because of the fun involved in it. There is nothing more enjoyable than holding realistic guns and experiencing real shooting....

Dagger As a Fighting Weapon - An In Depth Analysis

Posted by Knives Deal on 4/1/2019 0 Comments

In simplest words, dagger is a knife. Yes, indeed it is a knife, but with certain distinctions, and the important ones. It has a pretty sharp point, and typically includes one or a couple of edges. For close quarter combats, these knives have been the go through weapons for ages....

Airsoft: An Out-of-the-Box Sporting Activity

Posted by Knives Deal on 3/29/2019 0 Comments

Sports activities have lessened since the smartphones and internet have started consuming people’s time. Gone are the days when kids were seen playing on the fields. Almost every person seems busy on the smartphone, exploring his social media profile.....

The Essential Guide for Throwing Knives for Beginners

Posted by Knives Deal on 3/27/2019 0 Comments

This article is all about throwing knife tips. Before we plunge into the list of the trick tips, I want you to go through some basic information related to the throwing knife.....

What is a Pellet Gun: Here is an Essential Guide to the Pellet Guns

Posted by Knives Deal on 3/26/2019 0 Comments

If you are not familiar with pellet guns and how they work, then this detailed guide is exclusively for you. In this article, we will have all of the basic aspects covered with respect to the various types of pellet guns; their advantages along with the different uses of these guns....

What Makes the Stiletto Knife Different from Other Knives?

Posted by Knives Deal on 3/25/2019 0 Comments

Looking up for the best stiletto knife online? Do you know what to look out for in the blade in order to get the best of the best? Well, if you are a beginner-buyer, then you ought not to worry about anything; this article has all covered. In fact, in this article, we will go through all the essentials associated with the stiletto knife.... 

Uncovering Some Facts Regarding Medieval Swords

Posted by Knives Deal on 3/22/2019 0 Comments

With many people today looking for Medieval swords for sale, it is clear that these swords are the favorites for many. But, I never appreciate just purchasing and using them, but remaining unaware of the facts and history behind them....

The Top 5 Most Advantageous Military Knives in 2019

Posted by Knives Deal on 3/21/2019 0 Comments

You won’t be surprised to know that the militaries around the world tend to carry knives for several defined purposes. The greatest among those purposes is the survival. The armed forces tend to undergo hardest training's. At times, they are left in the wild forests to survive the deadly animals and the frightening jungle....

How Effective is a Baton for Self Defense?

Posted by Knives Deal on 3/20/2019 to Self Defense 0 Comments

If you search for self defense weapons, there are plenty of choices. There are stun guns, knives, pepper sprays and more. But, a better choice must be an impact weapon, like a self defense baton. You may not know this weapon, so, lets dig it deep....

Karambit Knife - Is It Really an Effective Fighting Weapon?

Posted by Knives Deal on 3/19/2019 1 Comments

A karambit knife is known to be a lethal knife, traditionally used in close quarter combat. It is believed to be originated in Southeast Asia where it was carried by the warriors as a fighting and a utility knife. The most unique thing about this knife is its design....

What are the Best 3 Replica Airsoft Guns of All Times?

Posted by Knives Deal on 3/15/2019 0 Comments

With the emergence of the airsoft guns, many gun-collectors and enthusiasts began to look out for the best replica airsoft guns available in the markets. The airsoft guns are amazing toy guns which are popular around the globe; however, with the emergence of replica airsoft guns, these toy guns have become in greatest demand all over the world....

Top 5 Reasons Why Pocket Knives are Necessary in Your Weapons Arsenal

Posted by Knives Deal on 3/14/2019 0 Comments

If you ask me which weapon has assisted humanity the most? My answer would a “knife”, 99 out of 100 times. To me, a knife was the most important invention, and let’s be clear, a knife isn’t just a weapon, it is a comprehensive tool. The earliest knife might not have been pretty handy like the modern knives....

The Must-Have Outdoor Gear to Engage in Some Breathtaking Outdoor Activities

Posted by Knives Deal on 3/13/2019 to Self Defense 0 Comments

After a long, hectic week at work, it is necessary to get involved in an outdoor activity that releases some stress and rebuilds your determination and focus. Yes, you can travel to other places, see some natural wonders, go to zoo, theme park, get involved in skiing, camping, snowboarding or hiking with your friends, but how frequently can you travel?  Travelers know pretty well that they need a lot of spare time to travel to areas they want....

How to Perform Tricks with the Karambit Knife?

Posted by Knives Deal on 3/12/2019 to Self Defense 0 Comments

There are a lot of martial arts still practiced and studied that involve the use of knives. Most of these arts include the karambit knives. However, learning different karambit knife tricks is certainly hazardous because of the sharp blade possessed by this knife....

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