Top 10 Self Defense Weapons for 2018

Posted by Misbah on 5/1/2018 to Self Defense 0 Comments

The countless stories we hear and see in the newspaper and the news channels are about victimization, brutal attacks, mugging, burglary, and what not. The bottom line is that no one is safe since tragic and nasty situations might strike you anywhere and anytime. The burning question is what would you do if you would find yourself in a dangerous situation? Do you possess some sort of self defense weapons? Do you have a contingency plan? Do you know how to defend yourself and your loved ones from potential attackers? Remember, no matter what, you always ought to be prepared.

Nuclear survival for dummies

Posted by Vincent on 1/24/2018 0 Comments

What happens if we have a nuclear war?   

Fear not! Well I mean fear a little.  Nuclear war would be horrible, but one nuclear bomb going off, will not wipe out the United States.

If a nuclear attack happened on U.S soil 

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