7 Most Common Weapons Used by Ninjas

7 Most Common Ninja Weapons

All of us are familiar with the notion of a ninja, but we need to realize how much history there is behind the idea. Armed with this knowledge and some historical texts, you'll be able to....
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What is the Best Hunting Knife for Your Next Adventure?

The Best Hunting Knife For Your Adventure

A knife is a tool with a sharp blade used for cutting or carving. Knives have a variety of uses, including cooking, carving, and hunting. There are many different types of knives....
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10 Most Popular Foam Swords of Ancient Times

Most Popular Foam Swords

What are foam swords? If you've ever seen someone playing these swords, you've likely wondered what they are. As you might have guessed, they are a children's toy shaped like a sword....
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5 Best Types of Crossbows for Hunters

5 Best Types of Crossbows for Hunters

Crossbows are, in a nutshell, these: a bow and a bowstring mounted horizontally on the same plane. The recent preference has been to use recurve bows or compound bows because they....
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Everything You Want to Know About Sally Face Mask

Everything to know about sally face mask

Cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a character from a film, TV show, comic book or video game. It is used for discussing fashion and social trends by wearing different costumes....
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The 7 Most Popular Types of Daggers

7 Most Popular Types of Daggers

Daggers are traditionally hand-held stabbing weapons, most often used in combat or hunting. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They have existed since ancient times, with....
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The Best Knuckle Weapons to Use For Self-Defense

The Best Knuckle Weapons for Defense

Knuckle dusters are small, hand-held devices that are used as a weapon. They consist of a series of metal or plastic spikes that are attached to a ring. When the ring is squeezed....
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How to Choose the Right Survival Knife

How to choose a survival knife

A survival knife is a specialized tool for use in a worst-case scenario, or for surviving in the wilderness. This knife should have a blade length of at least 6". The handle should be....
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The 6 Best Hidden Knives for Self Defense

6 Best Hidden Knives for Self Defense

Hidden knives, a.k.a. Covert weapons are usually disguised as something that could be considered innocuous such as a household item or an unsuspecting animal like a teddy bear....
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The 5 Best Everyday Carry Pocket Knives for Men

5 Best Everyday Carry Pocket Knives

The knife is one of the most important tools in human history. It’s been used for everything from hunting and self-defense to preparing food and building shelter. Today, knives come in....
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Everything You Need to Know About Airsoft Uzi Guns

Everything to Know About Airsoft Uzi Guns

Airsoft is a competitive sport that originated in Japan in the 1970s. It is a shooting sport similar to paintball, but with several key differences. Airsoft guns are typically replica firearms....
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How to Choose the Best Blank Gun?

How to Choose the Best Blank Gun

Blank guns are replica guns that fire non-metallic projectiles and do not fully discharge a cartridge. They have been used in the United States since the 1970s by many law enforcement....
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