The Balisong Knife: Here is Everything You Need to Know

The balisong knife, sometimes called a butterfly knife, makes an excellent pocket knife. This is a unique knife that comprises two handles which....
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Belt Buckle Knife - The Best Hidden Blade in Your Arsenal

The self defense needs have urged people to use small sized hidden blade knives. A hidden blade is a very small knife....
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What are the Best Italian Stiletto Knives for Modern Times?

Typically, an Italian stiletto knife refers to the rather long-pointed thin-bladed knife. This classic knife has a long history; however, have you ever wondered about the modern use of the Italian stiletto knife? With the passage of time, the Italian stiletto has been improved and is now available in a variety of forms and sizes....
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How Effective is a Baton for Self Defense?

If you search for self defense weapons, there are plenty of choices. There are stun guns, knives, pepper sprays and more. But, a better choice must be an impact weapon, like a self defense baton. You may not know this weapon, so, lets dig it deep....
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Great Badass Knives Every Knife Fanatic Should Own

badass knife

Nowadays, the online market is your absolute destination for the highest quality and largest selection of badass knives at the lowest prices possible....
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How to Close a Pocket Knife?

pocket knife

People might ask you how you close your pocket knife. Well, the answer to this question depends on the type of knife you have......
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How to Fight an Attacker With a Pocket Knife?

fight with pocket knife

Generally, it is never easy fighting an attacker when you are in such a tense situation. You may panic, and meanwhile, the attacker will find you a very easy victim.......
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A Brief Guide to Brass Knuckles in 2021 - Types, Uses & More

brass knuckles 2021

Exploring the tools and accessories in 2021, you won’t find anything better than brass knuckles . These are just incredible tools made of brass....
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10 Incredibly Small Self Defense Weapons to Survive in Intense Situations

small self defense weapons

Whenever I leave my house, I have a fear running through my mind. That fear is very familiar these days and it is the fear of getting attacked....
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Top Selling Pistol Crossbow of the Month - A Brief Review!

pistol crossbow review

Air guns, compound bows and crossbows are the popular hunting weapons these days. There are many but these three are the most commonly used....
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Rarely Known Things About A Thundercats Sword

thundercats swords

The unbelievable popularity of the Thundercats series made it irresistible for people to fall in love with Lion-O’s powerful weapon – the Thundercats sword....
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Can Airsoft Guns Be Deadly Or Not? The Answer Is Here!

So, you are looking for airsoft guns and probably can’t wait to play your first airsoft game. But, with all this excitement....
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