Enlist the Quality Butterfly Knives for 2020

butterfly knives

If you roam around a weapon market, you will find a huge variety of folding pocket knives everywhere. However, not all of them are as popular as butterfly knives......
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Multiple Best Ways to Use Brass Knuckles

brass knuckles

If you are in search of a multipurpose weapon, you must have heard of brass knuckles. People literally love these for their ability to serve a number of distinct purposes......
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How to Forge A Knife?


You might face such situations in which there is a need for making your knife and forge it. Hence, for doing so, the basic thing you need is to have a piece of metal and for creating the shape of the blade, the heating process is required......
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Why Start Airsoft Gaming In 2020?

airsoft gaming

Airsoft sports have enormously gained popularity over the years. One of the core reasons behind this is the presence of airsoft guns. To be honest, these guns have played a significant role in attracting people towards this sport.....
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How Do Front Firing Blank Guns Work?

front firing blank guns

Front blank firing guns are in vogue in view of the multiple uses that these effortlessly offer to their users. These guns are exceptionally capable of fulfilling the purpose of their creation......
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Popular Types of Swords That Every Sword Enthusiast Should Know


Nowadays, the market is enriched with a wide variety of traditional as well as modern weapons. One of the most famous weapons is the sword.....
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The Most Expensive Knife of 2020


A knife is certainly a man's best friend in need. An intellectual person once stated that 'A man without a knife is a man without a life'......
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Look At the 7 Best Blank Firing Guns of 2020

Blank Firing Guns

Blank firing guns have gradually made their distinct place in a world full of bullet guns. These guns are now highly popular among the masses for numerous reasons.....
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How to Make your Own Ninja Star at Home?

ninja star

Ninja Stars are one of the finest Ninja weapons that have secured a special place in the hearts of Ninja lovers. These are generally regarded as best throwing weapons the world over.....
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Spring Assisted Knives - A Great Tool for Everyday Routine Tasks

Spring Assisted Knives

Whether you are performing any of your indoor tasks like the kitchen chores or you are facing any difficult situation outside, spring assisted knives will help you out in both of the situations effectively.....
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Interesting Myths About the 7 Most Popular Self Defense Weapons

self defense weapons

Non-lethal self defense weapons are among the most favored defensive tools. These weapons provide a great deal of confidence to those who are afraid of using guns....
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How Custom-Made Sword Canes Assist in Self Defense

Sword Cane

We can surely understand your love for a sword cane. We know this weapon has a distinctive place in your heart. But, are you even familiar with what this weapon really is?.....
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