Accustom Yourself with the Medieval Swords and Weapons

medieval Swords

Medieval swords were the most valued weapon of a knight of that age. A medieval had major importance in knighthood and symbolized pride and honor to the knights......
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What Are the Basic Principles of Sword Fighting Techniques?


They say that a sword may lose its shine but it can never disobey its master. But for this to happen, the master first becomes an expert in sword fighting techniques. This again is a challenging task that improves with time and experience.....
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How Do Blank Firing Guns Work & How are they used?

blank firing guns

The blank firing guns are specified by their characteristic of not having a real bullet. A blank gun has a cartridge filled with gunpowder but not bullets to a projectile. There is a use of paper or plastic sealing at the propellant in the casing....
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How to Use A Butterfly Knife?

butterfly knife

A butterfly knife, also known as a balisong, is a multipurpose tool just like a fixed blade, or a pocket knife functioning with a spring mechanism......
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The Most Expensive Knife of the Decade


A knife is certainly a man's best friend in need. An intellectual person once stated that 'A man without a knife is a man without a life'......
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Look At the 7 Best Blank Firing Guns of The Decade

Blank Firing Guns

Blank firing guns have gradually made their distinct place in a world full of bullet guns. These guns are now highly popular among the masses for numerous reasons.....
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Medieval Helmets & Costume Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is not far away now and people are curious to find their costumes for the day. As October rises, people start searching for their costumes so that they dress up well on the famous Halloween Day which is October 31 in the US.....
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Airsoft Pistols - What to Know as a Beginner!

There is a huge buzz around with regards to airsoft guns these days. People are often found talking about these guns and their uses. Those who have never used them are always keen to figure out how cool they are....

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Stun Gun - The Most Implicit Weapon of 21st Century

stun gun

With the enhancement in the number of random attacks on people, more and more weapons have been established for self defense to make sure people survive these attacks....
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Airsoft Guns - A Key to the Most Enjoyable Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities, to me, are essential for a happy living. What if you had to work throughout the week, and there was no holiday to get engaged in any other activity? That sounds too harsh, and an injustice with the humanity. For a happier living and better health, it is pretty essential to get involved in any outdoor activity....
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A Detailed Comparison of Spring Assisted Knives with Automatic Knives

spring assisted knives

As a knife enthusiast, I tend to collect knives of all types. I have more than hundred different types of knives in my arsenal. The most I have are the spring assisted knives....
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What Makes the Stiletto Knife Different from Other Knives?

the stiletto knives

Before you buy a stiletto knife , you must know its use and the one thing that makes it different from the other knives that we see and use daily....
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