4 Best Survival Knives for Outdoor Adventure

4 Best Survival Knives for Outdoor

Knives have been around since the stone age, but the first known knife was used by the seafarers in Mesopotamia. Knives have been made from many different materials such....
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How to Fillet a Fish with a Fillet Knife?

How to fillet a fish with a fillet knife

If you’re new to cooking, filleting a fish can be a bit unnerving. But have no fear, because we’ve put this post together for you with all the info you need about filleting a fish....
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4 Best Hidden Blade Knives for Self Defense

4 Best Hidden Blade Knives for Self Defense

The hidden blade is one of the oldest weapons in world history, with evidence of its use dating as far back as Ancient Greece, although it was not popular until sixteenth century Europe....
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How to Choose a Bowie Knife?

How to choose a bowie knife

Bowie knives are a type of large knives traditionally used by European men. They have a blade that curves downward and is sharp on both sides. The bowie knife was designed in 1834....
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7 Key Advantages of Brass Knuckle Knife

7 Key Advantages of brass knuckle knife

A brass knuckle knife has multiple sharp edges on the blade that are parallel to one another instead of going in different directions. Brass knuckles are typically made from metal or plastic....
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The Gas Powered Gun is the Best Airsoft Gun

Gas Powered Gun is the Best Airsoft Gun

The Airsoft game is a hugely popular choice for those who want to play a game that allows them to get more physical and exercise. However, this concept has been around for decades....
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How to Choose the Right Pocket Knife?

How to choose the right pocket knife

A pocket knife is a folding knife with one or more blades which can be folded, sheathed and locked into position using a latch located at the handle. These cool pocket knives are typically....
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A Comprehensive Guide to Belt Buckle Knife

A comprehensive guide to belt buckle knife

A belt buckle knife is a knife that has been attached to a belt on one side, most typically with a latch or pin. The belt knife is an American concept and was created by Larry Laumann....
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5 Popular Types of Medieval Swords

5 Types of medieval swords

A common misconception of the medieval era is that it was a time of darkness and ignorance. In reality, the Middle Ages saw a flourishing in creativity and learning unlike any other....
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How to Throw a Kunai Knife? The Perfect Throw

How to throw a kunai knife

The kunai knife is a type of Japanese knife made from metal or sometimes ceramic and originally designed to fit in the palm of an outstretched hand. The blade consists of a single....
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Karambit Knife: The Most Versatile Knife

Karambit knife the most versatile knife

The karambit knife is a knife with a curved blade made of 440C stainless steel. The name comes from the Arabic word (karambit). Its distinguishing characteristic, which causes it to be....
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Karambit Knife - Is It Really an Effective Fighting Weapon?

Is karambit knife an effective fighting weapon

A karambit knife is known to be a lethal knife, traditionally used in close quarter combat. It is believed to be originated in Southeast Asia where it was carried by the warriors as a fighting and a utility knife. The most unique thing about this knife is its design....
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