What Are The Different Parts Of Knight Armor Suit?

Knight Armor Suit

If you are looking for the best knight armor suit, you should first study it in detail and know what each part of this suit is used for....
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Are Brass Knuckles Better Than A Knife In Self Defense?

brass knuckles

If you are here, it is obvious that you are confused between buying brass knuckles and self defense knives for your protection....
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Top 5 Reasons Why Pocket Knives Are Necessary For Your Weapons Arsenal

Pocket Knives

Why do many of us like a pocket knife ? Because it is one of the most helpful and useful tools in the world. For hundreds of years....
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10 Ways To Flaunt Brass Knuckle Keychain Like A Pro

Brass Knuckle Keychain

People call it stupid when you tell them you have been walking down a street at night alone. Well, they have a point....
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Why Should You Add The Zelda Sword To Your Collections?

zelda swords

The trend of playing video games instead of physical games is rising day by day. Generally, adults get attracted to different accessories....
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5 Anime Swords in My Arsenal That I Love the Most

I’m a huge fan of anime characters, are you? I guess many of you love these characters because they are too entertaining and at times, very inspiring....
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10 MTech Ballistic Knives You Need To Have Right Now

mtech ballistic knives

MTech knives are synonymous with a huge variety of good quality knives at affordable rates. MTech Ballistic is the series launched by....
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5 Highlander Sword Replicas You Must Own

Highlander Sword Replicas

Spanning decades, well actually centuries, the Highland Franchise has become a cult classic....
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Top 10 Hidden Blade Knives For Self Defense

top hidden blades

The importance of having a self defense weapon on you at all times, can't be underestimated. If that weapon has a hidden blade....
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10 Common Types Of Blades That A Knife Can Have

common types of knives

The sheer variety of blade shapes can send your head spinning. Here is our list of most common blade types with their pros and cons.....
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How Do Different Types of Airsoft Guns Work?

types of airsoft guns

Ever thought about the inner workings of your airsoft gun? Let's dig deep into what's happening inside various types of airsoft guns....
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What is The Maximum Damage to Eyes Pepper Spray can Cause?

pepper sprays

Self-protection has always been everyone’s chief concern. People never compromise their safety. Both men and women tend to use handy weapons for their security....
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