How to Throw a Kunai Knife? The Perfect Throw

How to throw a kunai knife

The kunai knife is a type of Japanese knife made from metal or sometimes ceramic and originally designed to fit in the palm of an outstretched hand. The blade consists of a single....
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Karambit Knife: The Most Versatile Knife

Karambit knife the most versatile knife

The karambit knife is a knife with a curved blade made of 440C stainless steel. The name comes from the Arabic word (karambit). Its distinguishing characteristic, which causes it to be....
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Karambit Knife - Is It Really an Effective Fighting Weapon?

Is karambit knife an effective fighting weapon

A karambit knife is known to be a lethal knife, traditionally used in close quarter combat. It is believed to be originated in Southeast Asia where it was carried by the warriors as a fighting and a utility knife. The most unique thing about this knife is its design....
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Real Swords - Types and Forging Process

Real Swords Types and Forging Process

There is much more to the history of real swords. In the ancient world, many types of swords were used; not all blades had a hilt and some did not use a cross, but many of them had....
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Carry a Pocket Knife For Endless Benefits

Carry a pocket knife for endless benefits

If you are someone who spends time outdoors, you know that when the situation calls for it, a pocket knife can be an invaluable tool. Read on to learn more about this handy tool and the....
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Brass Knuckle Knife - A Perfect Tool in Your Survival Kit

Brass knuckle knife - a perfect tool in your survival kit

Knife enthusiasts have a lot of options to choose from, but sometimes it can be hard to know which knife is the best for your needs. From tactical knives and hunting knives, to throwing....
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Historical Background of the Blue Rose Sword

Historical background of Blue Rose Sword

Anime sword is popular in Japan, but it's not just a Japanese thing. To understand anime, you have to know the history behind it. Anime dates back to WWII and was used as a method....
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Bowie Knife - History, Features and Uses

Bowie knife - History, features and uses

Bowie knives are named after Jim Bowie who was famous for his sharp, dashing style. They are a type of knife that has a long, curved blade that is often serrated on the back edge....
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Is Kubaton Effective as a Self Defense Weapon?

Is kubaton effective as a self defense weapon?

In today's world, everything from our personal and professional lives to our security is being monitored. However, the person physically holding onto our computer or smartphone....
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What Makes a Butterfly Knife Unique?

What makes a butterfly knife unique?

Butterfly knives emerged in the late 19th century as a dual-purpose pocket knife. It offered a convenient way to carry a knife and was marketed as both a tool and weapon....
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What to Look for When Choosing a Kunai Knife?

What to look for when choosing a kunai knife

Recently, the kunai knife originated in Japan and was used as a farming tool. Most commonly, a kunai consists of an iron blade with a rectangular wooden handle. It is curved just like....
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Important Facts to Know About Airsoft Rifles

Important facts about airsoft rifles

An airsoft gun is a type of non-lethal weapon, often used in military simulations and training. These guns use compressed air or a spring mechanism to launch foam balls at the target....
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