Brass Knuckles History and its use as Self Defense Weapon!

Posted by Knives Deal on 10/28/2019 to Self Defense 0 Comments

Brass knuckles, sometimes known as knuckle duster or simply as knucks, is a small sized aggressive weapon. It is one of the few weapons that are wearable. It is worn around the knuckles to make the fist more powerful....

3 Gorgeous Highlander Swords for Crazy Enthusiasts

Posted by Knives Deal on 10/15/2019 to Cool Weapons 0 Comments

Swords might have become old fashioned, but they are still extremely popular. There are people who are crazy fans of these bladed weapons even today. Because some words are gorgeous, people love to keep them in their collection.....

Best Spring Airsoft Rifle of 2019 Revealed

Posted by Knives Deal on 10/9/2019 to Cool Weapons 0 Comments

Your airsoft gun is like your mate as it partners you on the field. As you want your mate to be helpful with you, so you want your gun. But, one question you should frequently ask yourself is whether your gun is the best in the business......

Medieval Helmets & Costume Ideas for Halloween

Posted by Knives Deal on 10/7/2019 to Cosplay Weapons 0 Comments

Halloween is not far away now and people are curious to find their costumes for the day. As October rises, people start searching for their costumes so that they dress up well on the famous Halloween Day which is October 31 in the US.....

10 Significant Items You Can Add to Your Survival Gear

Posted by Knives Deal on 10/3/2019 to Self Defense 0 Comments

Generally, in America, when you talk about survival, you definitely mean surviving against the attackers. Americans can’t be blamed for this, but the random attacks have stick to their minds....

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