Don’t Miss Out on the Best Training and Practice Ninja Knife

karambit knife

If you are an enthusiast of knives and have great knowledge about the rich history of these utility tools, you must be aware of the ninjas that were found in the feudal era of Japan....
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What Is A Movie Prop Gun And How Does It Work?

movie prop gun

Have you ever wondered what the movie prop guns (blank guns) are? What are they made up of? And do they even fire like real guns?.....
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Kids Playing with Airsoft Guns - Things You Need to Know as a Parent

Kids Playing with Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns have been dominating the entire world. A few years ago, these replica guns were only popular in the US and Europe....
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What Is The Difference Between An AXE And A Tomahawk?

tomahawk axe

Are you looking for the best tomahawks for men? If yes, it is great but before you try finding one, there are things you should know....
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The Most Popular Types of Samurai Swords for Sale

samurai sword for sale

Before the arrival of firearms and technology, some blades ruled the world, especially on the battlefield. From the cavemen ages.....
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What to Look for In Battle Ready Swords?

battle ready sword

Battle ready swords are a class apart. There's something phenomenal about these swords that instantly capture the buyer's attention. These swords are currently ruling.....
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Stun Gun Vs Taser: How to Differentiate Between These Two?

stun gun vs taser

The Stun Gun vs Taser debate has existed ever since the creation of these two dynamic self defense weapons. It is, in fact, among the most searched questions of all time on the internet.....
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Do Brass Knuckles Hurt Your Fingers?

brass knuckles

Have you wondered why do you love wearing brass knuckles? Have you ever tried using these in a serious fight? Well, if yes, are you satisfied with how impactful these really are?......
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How to Forge A Knife?


You might face such situations in which there is a need for making your knife and forge it. Hence, for doing so, the basic thing you need is to have a piece of metal and for creating the shape of the blade, the heating process is required......
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Popular Types of Swords That Every Sword Enthusiast Should Know


Nowadays, the market is enriched with a wide variety of traditional as well as modern weapons. One of the most famous weapons is the sword.....
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How to Make your Own Ninja Star at Home?

ninja star

Ninja Stars are one of the finest Ninja weapons that have secured a special place in the hearts of Ninja lovers. These are generally regarded as best throwing weapons the world over.....
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Spring Assisted Knives - A Great Tool for Everyday Tasks

Spring Assisted Knives

Whether you are performing any of your indoor tasks like the kitchen chores or you are facing any difficult situation outside, spring assisted knives will help you out in both of the situations effectively.....
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