What is the Use of a Karambit Knife?

Posted by Knives Deal on 12/31/2018 to Cool Weapons 0 Comments

It is safe to state that a karambit knife is a multi-functioning tool; the typical karambit knife comprises a hooked or curved blade; a safety ring; and, a comfortable handle for a smooth and sturdy grip. Originally, the karambit knives were designed as farming too; whereas, the modern version of the karambit knife can be carried and wielded for a number of reasons, such as self defense, utility use, and as a combat tool....

What are the Best Italian Stiletto Knives for Modern Times?

Posted by Knives Deal on 12/27/2018 to Cool Weapons 0 Comments

Typically, an Italian stiletto knife refers to the rather long-pointed thin-bladed knife. This classic knife has a long history; however, have you ever wondered about the modern use of the Italian stiletto knife? With the passage of time, the Italian stiletto has been improved and is now available in a variety of forms and sizes....

The Essential Guide of the Neck Knife

Posted by Knives Deal on 12/24/2018 to Self Defense 0 Comments

Before we analyze whether one should or shouldn't have a neck knife, let's start with the very basics: what is actually a neck knife? Well, for those who don't know; a neck knife is small- or medium-sized blade attached to a blade-handle that a person can wear around his/her neck with the help of a string or chain....

Realities of Training and Learning Tricks with Butterfly Knife Trainer

Posted by Knives Deal on 12/18/2018 to Self Defense 1 Comments

A butterfly knife trainer is just another term for the famous balisong knife; in fact, the butterfly knife trainer is well-known as the stealthiest blades in terms of cool knives. Moreover, the butterfly knife trainer is also popular as one of the best-concealed knife blades....

The Basic Guide of Airsoft Guns: Here is Everything You Need to Know

Posted by Knives Deal on 12/12/2018 to Cool Weapons 0 Comments

This is for those who don't know much about the airsoft game and airsoft guns; the airsoft guns are specifically designed to shoot plastic pellets, also known as plastic BBs which are of at least 6mm diameter. The plastic pellets shot by the airsoft guns travel at a much lower speed than real bullets fired by real guns; also, these might sting a little on the skin; yet, these are not deadly...

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