The Essential Guide to the Best Balisong Trainers

If you are looking for the best balisong trainers in order to learn the flipping of these amazing Balisongs, then you are here at the right page. Anyone can go and get the best balisong trainers; however, if they do it rashly, they might even cause unnecessary injuries....
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What are Nunchucks: Here is All You Need to Know

What are nunchucks

A general understanding about the nunchucks is that these are "fighting sticks" which are perfectly used within certain kinds of martial arts; not to mention the fact that the nunchucks originated in the Japanese territory of Okinawa....
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What are the Best Self Defense Weapons to Carry and Own?

Carrying the best self defense weapons is as crucial as eating food and taking water; in other words, in order to live and stay safe, self defense weapons are a must have for all men in general, and women in particular....
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Why Do People Carry Pocket Knives?

Pocket knives are some of the oldest and most popular utility tools to be carried and used around the globe. Apart from their utility purpose, pocket knives are quite popular as EDC knives and carried by many people....
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5 Easy-to-carry Self-defense Weapons That are Ideal for Women

Women have been victimized for a long time, but lately, we hear such instances on daily basis. Every time you log on to your social media account, you will see posts about women being assaulted. Is that women can’t defend themselves? Probably, most of the women rely on their men to save them...
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