Brass Knuckles A Self Defense Weapon

Posted by Ruby on 2/27/2018 to Self Defense 0 Comments
Knucks, Brass knucks, Knuckle Dusters, Knuckle Busters, Classic English punch. Whatever the hell you want to call them - they're awesome.

Best Expandable Batons for Self Defense

Posted by Ruby on 2/21/2018 to Self Defense 0 Comments
Best Expandable Batons, Night Sticks for Self Defense, Choose from 16 Inch Baton, 21 Inch Baton, 21 Inch Baton, 32 inch Baton. They are non-lethal weapons, although if used hard enough can cause serious long lasting injury or even fatality.

Zombie Survival Gear PART 1

Posted by Ruby on 2/12/2018 to News 0 Comments
Okay, so we talked about The Walking Dead and what folks on tv would do during a zombie apocalypse. Today I'm going to list some gear..

AMC The Walking Dead Show Weapons

Posted by Ruby on 2/8/2018 to News 0 Comments
AMC The Walking Dead Show Weapons. Sword, Machetes, Axes, Katanas, Crossbow. A really fun show to watch if you want to imagine what you do living in the Zombie

Foam Cosplay Weapons

Posted by Ruby on 2/5/2018 to Cosplay Weapons 0 Comments
Foam Cosplay Weapons. Let's admit it - there's a lot of fun to be had with foam! Foam swords, shields, axes, nunchucks! Masks, hammers and more!

Choosing Self Defense Products From Stungun, Baton, Pepper Spray

Posted by Ruby on 2/2/2018 to Self Defense 0 Comments
Nowadays there are tons of options to choose from in every price range when considering what forms of self defense you may want to carry. From stun guns to batons to pepper spray, you’re sure to find something you feel most comfortable using in the time of need.

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