How to Throw The Throwing Knives - A Step by Step Guide for Beginners

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Throwing knives

If you have seen an expert knife thrower throwing knives on target successfully, you know it is a breathtaking sight. However, it is not an easy task to throw three knives, one after the other, in a quick succession and getting your aim right.....

Top Ten Types of Lethal Ninja Weapons: Here is All You Need to Know

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Here is the list of 10 deadly and worldwide popular ninja weapons including the shuriken, the tanto, and the kunai. Get your favorite ninja weapons today! It is no lie that the majority of us have experienced a ninja phase along with a fascination of the different types of ninja weapons while growing up.

What are Some of the Most Amazing Swords Around the World?

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Real swords are centuries old blades; yet, the different types of swords are still popular in our ultra-modern era. There is a huge variety of swords; some of these are short; whereas, others massive.

The Best Fixed Blades Knives During Survival Situations

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Fixed blade knives are designed for a variety of tasks which require durability and strength. There is a variety of fixed blade knives available in the markets and online stores, such as the hunting knives, the bowie knife, and many more.

What Makes Good Combat Knife: Here is All You Need to Know

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The term combat knife refers to a fighting blade which has been specifically designed to impart maximum damage along with lethal injuries. Typically, a combat knife makes a good tactical knife....

The Essential Guide to the Airsoft Sniper Rifles: Here is All You Need to Know

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Airsoft sniper rifles are amazing airsoft guns which shoot at great FPS; the long barrels of the airsoft sniper rifles allow for greater accuracy as compared to the airsoft guns. Many beginners of the airsoft enthusiasts seem to be obsessed with getting the best airsoft sniper rifles....

Can Airsoft Guns Penetrate through A Car Window?

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Airsoft guns are popular toys which were originally designed and manufactured in the eastern parts of the Asian continent. The purpose of the airsoft guns is to provide a replica to the real guns....

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