What to Look for In Battle Ready Swords?

battle ready sword

Battle ready swords are a class apart. There's something phenomenal about these swords that instantly capture the buyer's attention. These swords are currently ruling.....
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What Are Blank Bullets? Get to Know About Blank Gun Bullets!

blank gun bullets

Blank guns refer to the cartridges that are the bullet free. These guns consist of gunpowder instead of the bullets. You can shot blank bullets from any kind of gun. But in the market....
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Accustom Yourself with the Medieval Swords and Weapons

medieval Swords

Medieval swords were the most valued weapon of a knight of that age. A medieval had major importance in knighthood and symbolized pride and honor to the knights......
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What Are the Basic Principles of Sword Fighting Techniques?


They say that a sword may lose its shine but it can never disobey its master. But for this to happen, the master first becomes an expert in sword fighting techniques. This again is a challenging task that improves with time and experience.....
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The Best Pocket Knife of 2020

pocket knife

The knife is among the most antique tools in mankind's development. Whether used to hunt, fight, make or create shelter....
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Exploring the Common and Technical Types of Blades Available


Knives are classified into several distinct types and categories. In a similar way, their blades are also available in a number of distinct types. These types are either based on their shape or size....
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Stun Gun Vs Taser: How to Differentiate Between These Two?

stun gun vs taser

The Stun Gun vs Taser debate has existed ever since the creation of these two dynamic self defense weapons. It is, in fact, among the most searched questions of all time on the internet.....
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The Reliable USA Made Knives for Your Ease

usa made knives

There are so many things you need to observe before buying a knife for yourself. This way, if you don’t completely overview your selected knife....
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Don’t Miss Out on the Best Training and Practice Ninja Knife

karambit knife

If you are an enthusiast of knives and have great knowledge about the rich history of these utility tools, you must be aware of the ninjas that were found in the feudal era of Japan....
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