Brass Knuckles - A Weapon, Accessory and Much More!

Posted by Knives Deal on 5/31/2019 to Self Defense 0 Comments

History suggests that men are quite keen to ease their tasks by creating something that can be used for multiple tasks. One such example is a knife which was first used just as a utility tool, but later transformed into a fighting weapon. But, nowadays, there are a few versions of knives that serve as self defense weapons....

Airsoft Guns - A Key to the Most Enjoyable Outdoor Activities

Posted by Knives Deal on 5/28/2019 0 Comments

Outdoor activities, to me, are essential for a happy living. What if you had to work throughout the week, and there was no holiday to get engaged in any other activity? That sounds too harsh, and an injustice with the humanity. For a happier living and better health, it is pretty essential to get involved in any outdoor activity....

5 Anime Swords in My Arsenal That I Love the Most

Posted by Knives Deal on 5/24/2019 0 Comments

I’m a huge fan of anime characters, are you? I guess many of you love these characters because they are too entertaining and at times, very inspiring. They are often portrayed as superheroes that belong to an imaginary world. I absolutely love them. You would be surprised to know that I have watched more animated movies than other movies in my life....

Analyzing Every Knife as a Survival Knife

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When it comes to survival, we are taking many things under consideration. It’s not just about survival against the attackers, it’s also about surviving during emergency situations, such as accidents, harsh conditions....

How to Forge Damascus Steel?

Posted by Knives Deal on 5/16/2019 to News & Offers 0 Comments
damascus steel

Damascus steel is a very mysterious and interesting type of steel. The patterns etched on it makes one fall into their depth trying to solve their unsolved mystery. This steel was actually imported from Sri Lanka....

Exploring The Extraordinary Features of a Butterfly Knife

Posted by Knives Deal on 5/14/2019 0 Comments

Knives have been the essential items owned by the humans. There is hardly a person who does not own a knife. There are a at least a couple of knives found in every house. Knives are extremely useful because they serve plenty of purposes. Since they have been invented, they were used for accomplishing several tasks, including cutting veggies and fruits, self defense, fighting and hunting etc....

Are Airsoft Guns Accurate and What are Their Best Practices?

Posted by Knives Deal on 5/10/2019 0 Comments

Airsoft is a sport that has a huge number of `fans all over the world. Adults and teenagers alike are obsessed with this outdoor sports and spend lots on getting the right airsoft gear i.e. airsoft guns, guns accessories, and airsoft attire....

The 3 Types of Cool Knives in 2019

Posted by Knives Deal on 5/9/2019 0 Comments

Knives are one of the oldest tools and weapons used by mankind. Notwithstanding the way, they have been used, but they have served humans in every possible way. From utility uses to self defense, knives have proved to be extremely advantageous. Though we have moved to 2019, we are still using knives for accomplishing plenty of purposes....

The 7 Most Fascinating Top Hidden Blade Knives

Posted by Knives Deal on 5/3/2019 to Self Defense 0 Comments

All video game and fantasy fanatics know about Assassin’s Creed. This game is liked by teenagers and is being played from years. From its release until now, millions of people have played it. It is a fighting combat game. This game’s main weapons, the weapons on which whole game is totally revolving around are hidden blades....

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