Tips to Effectively Use Stun Guns for Self Defense

Stun guns, also known as tasers, are electroshock weapons that overpower and immobilize an attacker with a high-voltage electric shock. These guns are usually shaped like pistols....
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The 7 All-Time Best Knives For Users

The Best Knives are everyday tools that everyone needs. They can be used for any number of purposes from hunting, to chopping wood, to carving a masterpiece. They come in a wide....
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What is an Automatic Knife? History and Features

What is an Automatic Knife?

Knives have long been part of our culture and history. They’ve done everything from cutting dinner to defending ourselves. But one type of knife that has become increasingly popular....
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What is a Bowie Knife Used For?

The Bowie knife is a type of large, heavy knife which originated from, and gained its name from American pioneer James Bowie. The original knife design was a blade with a clip....
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