History and Classification of Short Sword

Posted by Knives Deal on 8/29/2019 0 Comments

Short sword, as the name suggests, is a relatively smaller sword than an original sword. It is a single-handed sword with a handle that just features a grip with a single hand. This was a popular sword during the Medieval era. Specifically, it was a frequently used sword in the European nations. They served as blades for everyday cutting, but importantly, they were used as primary fighting weapons during wars....

Distinctive Uses of Different Types of Knives

Posted by Knives Deal on 8/23/2019 0 Comments

Every knife is popular for some reasons. Most importantly, a knife is known for the way it serves the user, in other words, the uses of the knife. As one expects, every knife has a distinctive use. Yes, a few knives may serve multiple purposes. But there is always one specific task for which a particular knife is used. For instance, you can use a walking cane for beating someone, but it is best known for walking.....

8 Best Self-defense Knives That Dominate the Market in 2019

Posted by Knives Deal on 8/7/2019 to Self Defense 0 Comments

While exploring the current market, we are amazed to see such an enormous variety of knives, specifically, the self defense knives. Every now and then, we have to get to the market, either physically or explore the online market to buy some knives. At times, we find ourselves searching for best utility knives. But, in 2019, the scenario has been different....

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