2019 Halloween Costumes Ideas For Everyone

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Halloween is one of the most special days of the year. It is an event the people await year-round. It is celebrated on 31st October every year. Not long ago, people were not that interested in this event....

Ancient Warrior’s Essentials - Crusader Helmet

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crusader helmet

Advancement in the technology has changed a lot. Our lifestyles have changed to a great extent including the way nations battle each other. Today, we will specifically talk about this change....

History of the Great Katana Sword

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Today, we have stepped into a modern world where wars are fought with nuclear weapons and firearms. Swords have no place in a warrior’s arsenal anymore. Today, only a few enthusiasts and collectors tend to have swords. 

16 Lovely Cosplay Weapons for Decor, Cosplay and Costume!

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Market is full of precious and lovely items for decoration of your houses and offices, cosplay and Halloween costumes. With Halloween coming nearer and nearer, people are searching for such items that would complete their costumes.

The Most Impressive Knife of the Year Revealed

Posted by Knives Deal on 9/23/2019 0 Comments

The year 2019 brought a range of magnificent knives that blew our minds. Indeed, it is extremely difficult to figure out the one most impressive knife among them. But, looking at certain key factors, one can determine which knife must be named the “best”.

The 9 oz. Black Leather Billy Club for Self Defense - A Review

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Billy Club, also known as a slapper, is actually a weapon used by the law enforcement that worked pretty well for them. Though it was not the only weapon they used. We have seen police officers using batons and pepper sprays for crow control as well. However, billy club was a pretty effective weapon that assisted the officers during such instances. Today, it has been used by the general public for defense against the attackers....

Belt Buckle Knife - The Best Hidden Blade in Your Arsenal

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The self defense needs have urged people to use small sized hidden blade knives. A hidden blade is a very small knife, the blade of which remains hidden. However, the blade can be revealed when the user needs.....

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