The 9 oz. Black Leather Billy Club for Self Defense - A Review

Posted by Knives Deal on 9/4/2019 to Self Defense 0 Comments

Billy Club, also known as a slapper, is actually a weapon used by the law enforcement that worked pretty well for them. Though it was not the only weapon they used. We have seen police officers using batons and pepper sprays for crow control as well. However, billy club was a pretty effective weapon that assisted the officers during such instances. Today, it has been used by the general public for defense against the attackers....

Belt Buckle Knife - The Best Hidden Blade in Your Arsenal

Posted by Knives Deal on 9/4/2019 to Cool Weapons 0 Comments

The self defense needs have urged people to use small sized hidden blade knives. A hidden blade is a very small knife, the blade of which remains hidden. However, the blade can be revealed when the user needs. The people need to carry a small, secret weapon that is only visible when dealing with the attackers. Therefore, their best choice is a hidden blade. Hidden blades include a lipstick knife, pen knife, neck knife, boot knife, and the latest of them, the belt buckle knife....

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