brass knuckle

So, you want to get a perfect self defense weapon but you are confused about spending on a brass knuckle. Just try answering the following questions in your mind for a while.

Are you looking for a weapon that not only protects you but is also able to complement your outfit?

Are you in search of a classy metal-made weapon?

Do you want to invest in a multi-purpose tool?

If your answer to all these questions is a ‘YES, you are actually in need of this powerful weapon.

However, you must first know all about a brass knuckle.

Let us take you through the world of these heavy metal knuckles.

What Is A Brass Knuckle?

A brass knuckle is one of reliable self defense weapons to carry. It is exclusively designed to aid the process of fighting your opponent. Basically, it makes your punch a lot more impactful and may also be used as a fashion accessory.

In other words, you may use this tool for your safety as well as for adding swag to your entire look. Youngsters are especially crazy about purchasing this cool weapon.

History of This Weapon:

Knuckles were first introduced in ancient times. You may even call them a modern-day variant of an 18th-century weapon called Sher Panja. It was also made to help the soldiers of the American Civil War.

Later, during the 19th century, these knuckles were made as an attachment to some other weapons such as the gun.

Other Names of A Brass Knuckle:

There are several other names that are commonly used for this astonishingly unique weapon. Some frequently used ones are listed below:

  • Knuckle Dusters
  • Knuckles
  • Knuckle Busters
  • Knucks
  • Fist-load-weapons

Material Used to Make A Brass Knuckle:

Even though these are known as brass knuckles, these are also manufactured using several other materials. If you go and roam around the market near you, you will find a wide range of different kinds of these weapons.

The most commonly used materials are listed below.

  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Fiber


A knuckle is crafted out of heavy metal. It is carved into a square shape to fit in your fingers. This design is chosen quite sensibly because it rightly aids the purpose of its creation.

Basically, this shape and style concentrated the force of your punch.

How to Wear A Brass Knuckle?

These knuckles look more like a bunch of four rings joined together in such a way as to fit in all your fingers at the same time. This is exactly how you wear this weapon.

Wearing this nourishes you with a greater deal of self-confidence and courage. It further makes you able to face an emergency situation.

How to Use Knuckles for Self Defense?

Being a perfect self defense weapon, knuckles are not only easy to carry and wear, but they are also simple and easy to use.

Yes, once you wear your knucks into your fingers, all you need to do is to make a fist and throw a powerful punch to your opponent’s face. That’s it!

It will let him down and make him incapacitated to come back to you by inflicting some injury. In this way, you will have time to run away and keep yourself protected from the life-threatening situation.

What Qualities Make It A Perfect Self Defense Weapon?

It is the fact that knuckles as the best self defense weapons are in trend now. The reason is that they have certain qualities that a defensive weapon typically possesses. These modern weapons are helpful for all those who are concerned about their safety. 

Followings are some key features that make them a perfect choice for self-protection:

  • Easy to Carry:

Knuckles are small in sizes, so you can easily put them in your pocket, purse, or backpack to carry them with you.

  • Simple to Use:

As we have said above they are simple to use. Their quick deployment makes them a better option among all defensive tools or weapons.

To use a knuckle properly, you just need to wear it into knuckles and close to fist to hit your opponent with a solid punch in case of a critical situation.

No professional training is required to use them accurately. Hence, you should know about some punching techniques and do some practice on your own for their proper implementation.

  • Easy to Hide:

Because of their small size, knucks are concealable. No one can guess that you have something for your personal defense.

In case of a life-to-death moment, you can promptly draw your knuckle weapon and surprise your mugger with a strong punch. It will surely save your life.

  • A Large Variety Available Now:

Modern brass knuckles are available in different types, designs, colors, and styles as well. So, you can easily find one that suits your specific needs and likings too.

Some Popular Types:

These are some common types of knuckles available at Knives Deal that deals with defensive weapons. However, some of the most easily available types of these weapons are discussed below.

  • BC-41 Knuckles

These are not equipped with blades. These are either made of brass or aluminum.

  • Classic Knuckles

These are made with either triangular or round spikes. They possess a D-shape and are mostly made of aluminum.

  • Knuckle Knives

Knuckle knives serve as ideal safety tools. People use these to give their opponent a surprise attack. They may also be used as an accessory that can prove to be very useful in times of need.

  • Knuckle Keychains

These are also popular self defense products. They are smaller and lightweight, thus, they can be carried easily in a pocket or purse.

You can normally use them as a key accessory and in the time of need, you can use them to defend yourself. These knuckles are comfortable to wear and helpful to throw a solid punch to someone.

Is It A Deadly Weapon?

It might be if you don’t use it in the correct way! This is why you should understand because of its rising trend of brass knuckle and where to use it.

Otherwise, if you hit a sensitive body part with this weapon, it might be harmful to the opponent. It may cause a bone fracture or even a serious injury that may lead to permanent disability or death too. 

So, always keep in mind the purpose of using it and it should be only self-protection.

Tips to Maintain A Brass Knuckle:

  • Wash Properly:

When you wear a knuckle, you sometimes sweat badly. Sweat may promote the growth of bacteria that may lead to fungal infections. Therefore, it is very important to wash these properly.

Otherwise, you will have to bear the consequences of your negligence.

  • Dry Properly:

Knuckles can rust if you leave them wet. Moisture promotes rust formation. This metal actively reacting with the oxygen around you. It is then transformed into an iron oxide which is more commonly known as rust.

I am sure you don’t want this classy weapon to corrode away.

  • Keep It Covered:

Even if you have dried your knuckles properly and are going to keep them inside your drawer, you must cover them first. For this, you may use a piece of cloth, shopper bag, a paper bag, bubble wrap, or tissue paper. The idea is to protect them from rusting rapidly.

If you are placing them somewhere as a decorative item, you will have to oil them regularly. The layer of oil will prevent rusting.

Legal Implications:

These are illegal to keep, carry or use in most parts of the world. In some states or countries, the laws are imposed based on their utility in your life.

Let us share with you some details about it.

  • If you are wearing these as an accessory, you state may not impose any fine upon you.
  • If these are equipped with a knife or a dagger, it might be unlawful for you to use them.
So, while traveling, you must first inquire about their legality in the area where you are going. If these are allowed in your area, these may not necessarily be allowed in that part of the world.

Beware and completely investigate the matter before traveling with these weapons.

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Reasons Behind the Popularity of A Brass Knuckle:

This tool is popular for a number of reasons. These are listed below.

  • Enhance Punching Power:

These are highly popular because of their usage as a tool to enhance your punching power.

  • Ancient Weapon:

These were used by the Sikh in ancient times. This also intrigues people to use them.

  • Vintage Looks:

Beauty truly captures the mind, the heart, and the soul too. Their vintage looks make them popular among masses. 

  • Weapon of World War:

People associate sentiments and memories with these knuckles. Some people are actually keeping the ones that their forefathers used in the world war.

These remind them of the bravery and terror of those legendary beings. These are also used as a symbol of honor and prestige.

Final Thoughts:

After reading all these interesting facts about this weapon, you must be pl