Brass Knuckle Knife for Sale

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Best Fixed Blade Knives - For The Love Of Fixed Blades
14" overall with a 7 1/4" 440 stainless steel blade. Blade is designed with large serrations on top with hole designs through out the blade.
Cobra Knife - Swallow Your Enemies Whole
Ninja Knuckle Fighter Cobra Knife . 10 Inch Overall in length. An intense full tang ninja fighter knife.
Ninja Knife - Stealth Machine
Ninja Knuckle Fighter Knife. 10 Inch Overall in length. An intense full tang ninja fighter knife.
Flaming Knife - You Cant Put Out This Knife
Skull Knuckle Knife. Featuring Stainless Steel Blade with Skull Handle. 8" Overall in length. Includes nylon Carrying Case.
Big Bowie Knife - The Big The Better
Overall length of 15". Brass knuckle handle. Includes sheath.

Brass Knuckle Knife- Concentrate the Force on a Particular Area

This brass knuckle knife has done more good than harm, no matter how much of a tainted reputation they have they are still one of the best self defense weapons available on the open market. These knuckle knives are so efficient that they are feared, their efficiency is off the charts. Very few self defense weapons even come close to this masterpiece, this brass knuckle knife is identical to those used by French bandits several decades ago, by purchasing this you’re purchasing a piece of history.

Brass Knuckle Knife- All Punches from this Knife Leave Scars

Our brass knuckle knife gives you an unprecedented advantage in close quarters combat; they give you the opportunity to make small windows of opportunity count. These knuckle knives were made with only the best of materials, everything from the type of metal used to the qualifications of our crafts men and women all the way down to the factories they were produced in, everything was systematically calculated to ensure efficient performance. Here at knives deal, we guarantee that all your orders within the contiguous United States will get shipped in 24 hours provided that it’s a business day. 

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