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U.S. 1918 Brass Knuckle Trench Knife
An almost direct replica of the Mark I complete with knuckle duster finger guards and skull crusher pommel, it is an all-around fighting tool. 11 3/4 Inches Overall in length.
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Brass Knuckle Knife - The Coolest Tool Against Your Opponent

What’s better than throwing a heavy punch. Right? The kind that compels onlookers to gape at you in awe and fascination. The brass knuckle part of the knife will surely help you into delivering a solid punch. Brass Knuckle Knife is an iconic tool generally used for one-on-one combats. These renowned knives have origin that goes back to World War 1. Brass knuckle knife being a modernized version of the trench knife used in World War 1 speaks of history, making it a worthy tool to add to your personal collection. 

Brass Knuckle Knife - Trendy Yet Deadly!

Brass knuckle knife has done more good than harm, no matter how much of a tainted reputation they have, they are still one of the best tool available on the open market. These knuckle knives are so efficient that their efficiency is off the charts. Very few tools even come close to this masterpiece. The Brass knuckle knives we provide are identical to those used by French bandits several decades ago. By purchasing this, you’re definitely purchasing a piece of history!

Brass Knuckle Knife for Sale

We at Knives Deal showcase the most trendiest knuckle knives which are really hard to find anywhere else. We provide brass knuckle knife for sale which is made up of the best quality material. Whether you are a hunter, a camper, a fighter or a person who simply loves to collect masterpieces - our cheap brass knuckle knives will be the best tool for you! Our Brass knuckle knives give you an unprecedented advantage in close quarters combat; they give you the chance to make small windows of opportunity count. Our latest designs of brass knuckle knives will give your personality a cool flare and will help you out in carrying out multiple tasks. 
Our knives are compact and lightweight. The different varieties we provide will give you the ease to carry them just about anywhere very easily.

You should definitely have these in your collection, although we are not going to face trench wars in this era of course! Lol. Knives Deal provides you the perfect balance between style and affordable rates. So, do try us out and grab your favorite piece Now!

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