Brass knuckle knife - a perfect tool in your survival kit

Knife enthusiasts have a lot of options to choose from, but sometimes it can be hard to know which knife is the best for your needs. From tactical knives and hunting knives, to throwing knives and kitchen knives, there are lots of options. 

But you might not know that there are also old version knuckle knives that carry the same usefulness as regular knives in other situations. All you need to do is know how to use a brass knuckle knife

This can be a little complex at first, but there are also many tutorials and information out there that can help. When you know how to handle them and use them you will wonder why everyone doesn't have one of these knives in their collection. 

You will even find that these knives are much more efficient and effective than most other knives that are designed for the same purposes. All of this will become clear once you know how to use a knuckle knife and see what it is capable of in real life situations.

What is a Brass Knuckle Knife?

A brass knuckle knife is a knife that essentially looks like a fist, often with the knuckles protruding from the blade. They have been used for self-defense purposes since ancient times and continue to be utilized today. 

These knives are often preferred by criminals and gang members who want weapons more intimidating than guns. A knuckle knife works by punching through an attacker’s face, causing severe damage in order to make them bleed out or choke on their own blood. 

These knives are made of metal or sometimes hard with extended knuckles wrapped around the hand in order to deliver punches with a more powerful impact when fighting an opponent. The extended part that goes over the hand is known as the punching surface while the part that goes under your fingers is referred to as the guard.

Characteristics of a Knuckle Knife

The hilt of some such types of knives is tended towards a more 'gothic' / European feel, using colors and decorations, along with sharp and menacing blade shapes that would make any Dracula jealous.
Knuckle knives tend to have a solid, thick blade with a substantial grip and handle, usually made of brass. Some are hollow and have or have had sheaths to allow them to be worn on the user's knuckles rather than their hand. 

Some of these are designed so that they can be drawn from the sheath using only minimal effort (e.g., punching) while others require a more strenuous motion, such as pulling the knife out by its hilt. 

In some cases, such knives were used for stabbing butted up against an opponent's ribs or other soft target areas. These knives were most often used in bare hands and were then discarded when the opponent was wounded or killed.

Brass knuckle trench knife

Construction of Knuckle Knives

A brass knuckle knife is a legal weapon and popular choice for self-defense. Brass knuckles are not much different than normal metal knuckles in that they are weapons made of three parts: the knuckle, the metal shield, and the hook. 

The hook is a round piece of metal with a semicircular or triangular-shaped nose that functions as the blade's point. Due to its shape and size, this part of the brass knuckle will be placed over your thumb when in use for defense purposes. 

Additionally, it has grooves on it intended to lose grip on cloth or soft skin so that it does not cut you during use, which is also its weakness for easy removal from an attacker's hand. The shield is the outermost piece of the knuckle. This main purpose is to guard the hand holding it and possibly increase damage during use. 

The design of this weapon can vary depending on the preference of the user. One way to construct a brass knuckle knife is by folding a large sheet of metal or steel into three parts, with room for movement between each segment. A person could also opt to wrap electrical tape around their blade or buy a metal that has already been created in this fashion.

Brass Knuckle Knife as a Survival Knife

If you are looking for an effective and easy-to-use self defense weapon that can do more than just knock someone out, consider a brass knuckle knife. With this type of knife, you can easily strike and control multiple opponents at once without as much effort (and without needing to be in close contact with your opponent). Here is how to effectively use it:

With the knuckle knife, you can fight without worrying about hurting your hand as much. This is a plus in many scenarios. It is also perfect for situations where you cannot (or don't want to) use a regular knife, and you have to enter close-up combat with multiple opponents.

Survival Advantages of Knuckle Knives

Here are just a few features and advantages of a brass knuckle knife:

  • Very Versatile 

Whether for defense or for attack. It can be used for stabbing, slashing , punching, and tripping attacks that work on multiple opponents at once.

  • Very Effective

A very effective tool for self-defense that does not require complicated training . You do not need heavy training to effectively use it . A significant advantage as compared to other weapons. 

  • Easy to Use 

You can use it even with minimum training. The grip is very tight, allowing you to make very precise and powerful strikes, regardless of whether you are right or left-handed.  It is made of heavy brass material that makes it very durable and sturdy. It's almost impossible for an aggressor to disarm the user in a physical confrontation. 

  1. Highly Resistant

It is also highly resistant against damage when used properly, which means that it will last for many years with proper care and maintenance . It is very hard to bend or break because of the solid material from which it is made.  

Brass knuckle knife

What's more, there are no moving parts that can be broken or damaged. Brass knuckle knife is very versatile and works best in multiple attacker situations - this means you can use it even if there are other people attacking and fighting you at the same time. 

It provides optimum leverage and has a very good penetration power, so it can effectively disable multiple attackers in one shot. A great self-defense weapon , as well as a very useful tool for outdoor activities that require cutting.

Get a Brass Knuckle Knife in Your Survival Kit

Brass knuckles are small, round brass blunted metal knives or metal studs attached to the fingers or thumbs. Brass knuckles are meant to inflict damage and "bully" opponents, with usage in combat sports such as boxing, martial arts and street fighting. The use of brass knuckles is controversial and some countries have outlawed their sale, possession, manufacture and wearing.

There are many benefits of a brass knuckle knife that make them an essential piece of any self-defense toolkit whether you decide to go out on the town or protect your family at home. These are small with a round shape and are covered in metal studs. They can be worn on the fingers or thumbs to protect the knuckles when punching someone.

The knuckle knife is the best survival knife since it has four or more finger holes and is designed to protect the entire hand. The purpose of this type of weapon is to cause damage, cut or even break an opponent's skin and bones and of course, provide extra protection for your own hand. 

They can be concealed in a pocket, under your sleeve etc., so nobody knows that you have them on you until you need them! Also, you can hide these tools inside of your boots. These can easily hide anywhere as their blades are so small and you don’t need to worry about them!