History suggests that men are quite keen to ease their tasks by creating something that can be used for multiple tasks. One such example is a knife which was first used just as a utility tool, but later transformed into a fighting weapon. 

But, nowadays, there are a few versions of knives that serve as self defense weapons. We tend to advance in a way that we reduce the cost and maximize the services rendered by something. 

Another example can be a computer which was earlier just a calculating machine, but we continued advancing and eventually made it an essential part of our routine work.

Brass knuckles is another key thing which was just a punching weapon in the early days, but was later transformed into a multipurpose tool.

Brass Knuckles have emerged as one of the most popular tools as of late. You must have seen people wearing them around their knuckles for variety of purpose. This multifunction tool is a powerful and brutal fighting weapon, a charming fashion ornament, and a fine self defense weapon. 

However, there are plenty of other ways they serve the wearer. In this article, we shall shed some light on the popularity of this weapon and unlimited uses. But, before we get to its utilization, let’s understand what kind of tool this is.

What are Brass Knuckles?

Brass knuckle, sometimes called knuckle duster, is a tool worn around the knuckles. Made of metal, it is a strong and brutal weapon. The major purpose of wearing it is to enhance your punching power. A punch with this weapon would inflict a severe injury to the face of the victim. 

It is considered one of a few weapons that offer diverse uses. When we explore the history, we identify that it was first utilized as a fighting weapon during the American Civil War. 

But, they weren’t necessary made of metal, the materials for creating them also included wood, brass, iron and steel.

There were variations of the brass knuckles as well that included knuckles featured on knives. A trench knife used in the First World War was an example. However, they were all supposed to be worn around the knuckles. 

Some of the earlier knuckles also featured spikes (to cause a maximum injury). So, it is clear from the history that it was a fighting weapon that was used in the wars. But, in the recent times, that isn’t the case. 

We now have knuckles used for utility tasks like smashing ice, self defense, and even cosplay. So, it is not just a weapon anymore, it has become a tool that serves as a weapon too.

Why are Brass Knuckles So Popular?

A lot is debated about the popularity of brass knuckles among the enthusiasts. There are numerous reasons to love them, but the most important one is the ability to perform numerous tasks. 

Those who maintain a good collection of historical items, whom I called enthusiasts, love keeping knuckle duster in their arsenal. The street fighters would always put them on while getting out of their homes. 

Those who often need to deal with the attackers tend to wear them whenever they leave their home. The trend-setters would wear them as another cool and attractive accessory. These reasons are not enough to determine the popularity of this tool, following are some popular instances where it featured on the big screen.

    • Appearance in the Movies

When something is appeared in a movie, its fame touches the heights of the skies. Am I right? Brass knuckles have appeared in several movies, and a few of them were highly popular. For example, Wanted was quite a famous movie that involved Angelina Jolie as one of the main characters. 

She wore a fantastic piece of knuckles while she engaged in some tough fights. Another movie that featured the use of knuckle duster was Constantine, another popular movie, but not as popular as Wanted. However, John Constantine of the movie used a pair of knuckles to knock down Balthazar.

    • Appearance in the Video Games & TV Shows

Not just the movies, but many TV shows and video games also tell the story of brass knuckles as fashion accessories and fighting weapons. You must have played GTA Vice City, a wonderfully entertaining video game. The main character in the game “Tommy” would often wear brass knuckles to express himself as the Tough Guy. 

On D-Day in Band of Brothers, we saw a showcase of knuckle duster. Many singers and actors would wear them just as a cool fashion accessory, Beyoncé for example. Such people adopting them as a fashion trend shows you how popular they are around the world.

    • Appearance in the Sports Entertainment Shows

When I talk about sports entertainment, I mean WWE. WWE Raw and Smackdown are two of the most watched shows in the United States. The WWE Wrestlers are often seen using knuckles to their advantage in the fights. 

William Regal is a great example. He used brass knuckles quite regularly and picked up most of his wins using his knuckles to throw a brutal punch. His move was named “Power of the Punch”.

On WWE Raw, in a match between Jericho and Cena, Jericho wore knuckles to put Cena down. Many other wrestlers occasionally used knuckle duster on different WWE shows.

    • World War I Trench Knife

A type of brass knuckles known as the brass knuckle knife is a replica trench knife. A trench knife was first used during World War I when the US soldiers battled their enemies in trenches. 

They needed such a knife to take on their opponents. The US Mark I Trench knife served as a primary fighting weapon in this war, and this is what makes it popular. It is a great World War I collectible for enthusiasts, considering it is  historical weapon.'

(Image of trench knife)

Today, brass knuckle knife is used as a self defense weapon to battle the attackers, and it is quite effective in this regard. 

Brass Knuckles - A Multipurpose Tool

Having mentioned the capabilities of brass knuckles as a tool, I would like to disclose variety of ways they are being used. Once you read the usage I have discussed below, you will get around on “Brass Knuckles is a multipurpose tool”.

    • A Fighting Weapon

As I just mentioned wrestlers fighting with brass knuckles, you must have identified that its a fighting weapon. Perhaps, the real purpose of a knuckle duster is to fight by throwing a punch with greater force and more brutal impacts. 

Since they were first established as fighting tools, soldiers used them for battling their enemies. During the World War I, they also included a blade which made it a 2 in 1 weapon that served in close quarter combats. 

There was a blade for stabbing and knuckles for throwing punches. In the famous trench wars, it served as a great combat weapon.

So, the history suggests how handy a knuckle duster was as a fighting weapon in the wars, such as American Civil War and the First World War. However, it is used as a fighting weapon even today. 

Though we have moved to nuclear weapons, but a street fight is still on with brass knuckles. It is considered a powerful tool for street fighting as it guarantees you a win over your opponent due to enormous punching power you achieve in your fist.

    • A Self Defense Weapon

A common use of brass knuckles is self defense. Self defense, in fact, has become a necessity of the people because of ever-growing number of random attacks. The reason why it is preferred over the other self defense weapons like knives and guns, is because it is less lethal and does not inflict a permanent injury. 

This encourages even the women to use this as their primary weapon for defending against the attackers. The modern knuckle dusters don’t feature a blade, so all you have is a metal worn around your knuckles for punching the attacker. It works well in a self defense situation, and let me show you how.

When an attacker approaches you, you have very less time to adjust. If you have a knife, you first need to pull it out of your pocket. But, you have knuckles already on your fist, so you are actually ready to deal with him. 

A surprise counter attack would leave him in a state of distress, allowing you to escape and save your life. You can just aim his face or eyes and give a powerful punch with your knuckles. 

A temporary, but severe injury would be caused, and blood would certainly pour out of his mouth. This is enough to counter the attacker and prevent an attack. I hope this determines how good it works as a self defense weapon.

    • Paperweight

I have enlisted some common uses of brass knuckles, and here is another common one. It can be a perfect paperweight in your office. During summer, when the fan is switched on, your documents places on the table fly away. 

This leaves you disturbed because you have to get them again and again. So, what do you do to avoid such situation? Obviously, use a paperweight. Knuckle duster is an ideal paperweight because it is made of metal and tightly holds the papers. 

There are hundreds of gorgeous designs of such knuckle paperweights available in the market which urges people to buy them. Also, if you already have your knuckles that you use for self defense, use it as a paperweight as well, and most importantly, save some money!

    • A Fashion Supplement

As I mentioned above, wearing brass knuckles gives a feel of a tough guy. So, those who love to dress up as a tough guy love wearing them. If you’re to become a gangster of the town, you do need a pair of knucks in your hands. 

This works as a fine fashion supplement. It gives a sense of luxury and eliteness too. You would often see hustlers, pimps and players wearing them too. It makes sure you make a fashion statement by advancing your fashion sense. 

It is not necessary to use them as your go through weapons. Set a new trend, wear them just as a fashion accessory!

    • An Accessory for Cars and Bikers

Brass knuckles is a cool accessory for bikers as well. For custom handle grips, you can use your knuckles. It would give a good control and grip on your motorcycle. They are also nice ornaments for the cars. 

You can get the one that matches your car’s scheme and hung it from the rear-view mirror. If you are creative enough, replace your car’s door handles with the knuckles. They can also be mounted on the steering wheel. Don’t be limited to this, go for more if you are a creative badass.

    • A Utility Tool

Brass knuckles can be a great utility tool as well. It has the ability to replace your EDC tools because it lets you accomplish most of your routine tasks.

For instance, it lets you smash the ice when needed, it lets you break the glass when you are stuck in an emergency situation, and it lets you open bottles and packages. A few knuckle dusters come with bottle openers attached to them as well. 

(image of brass knuckle bottle opener)

These make it quite easier to open the bottles and cans. So, there are many routine tasks that can be done with this cool utility tool.

    • A Cosplay Item

What if you on your next LARP event you need to dress up as a gangster? What should be a gangster costume? Well, in my opinion, a gangster costume is incomplete without brass knuckles. If you really have to display a badass character, wear this essential accessory. 

A lot of cosplayers tend to use them while portraying bad guy characters. So, if you want to impress the audience on your next LARP event, make sure to wear brass knuckles.

    • A Halloween Costume

Don't miss wearing this exciting and unique costume on Halloween. It is one of the perfect Halloween costume ideas if you are uncomfortable wearing those large and heavy costumes. You can rather wear it around your knuckles, and dress up as a badass character. 

Unlike other costumes, it is comfortable to wear for a long time. If you wear a brass knuckle knife, you can dress up like US soldiers from the First World War, and pay tribute to them! In other words, be a trench warrior! 


When I think of tools and weapons available in the market today, I find brass knuckles as the only weapon that I can regard as a complete package. There is no other weapon that can be used in such diverse ways. Perhaps, this is the reason behind the immense popularity of knuckle duster. 

Simply, I would prefer it on any other weapon because it can serve me in every possible way. So, if you haven’t yet used this multi-function tool, get it now and avail the never-ending benefits. 

It would be your weapon for defense and street fighting, your fashion wearable, your cosplay item and most importantly, your main utility tool!