real brass knuckle

Brass knuckles, sometimes known as knuckle duster or simply as knucks, is a small sized aggressive weapon. It is one of the few weapons that are wearable. It is worn around the knuckles to make the fist more powerful. 

Knuckle duster is quite a brutal weapon. When the wearer punches someone with it, the results are pretty destructive. It can lead to long term injuries when punched in the face. 

It seems like a new weapon, but there is a long history associated with it. Today, it is being used as a self-defense weapon to fight the attackers. But, a long time ago it was just an offensive weapon. It was even used in the warfare. 

Today, we shall focus on the history of brass knuckles. Moreover, we will figure out how good it is as a self-defense weapon

So, let’s start with the history:

The History Behind Brass Knuckles

The history of brass knuckles takes us to ancient Romans and Greeks. This was the period when it was adopted as a real fighting weapon. 

There are different views by different historians when it comes to first use of knucks. This sort of weapon was first used by the gladiators. The weapon had a similar design and was wearable. Gladiators roam around the city of Rome equipped with this weapon. 

However, a majority of historians agree that Caestus was the predecessor of the knuckle duster. Do you know what Caestus is? It was a roman weapon that looked identical to modern knucks. 

However, it was just a leather strap worn around the knuckles. The wearers did not have the intention to make sure that their hands remain covered. Rather, their fingers were uncovered. 

So, this is believed to be the start of this weapon or the idea behind this weapon. 

At times, the ancient weapons had metal balls attached to the knuckles. And leather straps were attached already. 

Also, spiked brass knuckles were adopted as wearables weapons by the gladiators. These featured spiked or nails and were pretty brutal and deadly. 

A few historians though have other beliefs. They think that the Greek fighters actually used these sorts of weapons. They used to wear handguards constructed using leather thongs. So, they believe Greeks were the founders of these weapons instead of Romans who made caestus later than hand guards.

- Use of Brass Knuckles in the American Civil War

During the mid 19th century, hand gloves were created for the fighters. These hand gloves were quite identical to modern-day brass knuckles. 

If you remember, the 19th century saw the American Civil War. Near that time, these hand gloves were established and they were also used in the Civil War. 

Different materials were used for constructing these knucks. These included iron, wood, lead and most importantly, brass. 

So, this was a time when the idea of making knuckles with brass came into force.

When Abraham Lincoln was the American President, the rising trend of brass knuckles enhanced to a great extent. There is evidence that the bodyguards of Lincoln used to wear them. 

Unsurprisingly, there is a knuckle duster displayed at a National Historical Site of Ford’s Theatre. Imagine the popularity and significance of this particular weapon!

- Use of Brass Knuckles in the World Wars!

During the First World War, the soldiers battled in trenches. They engaged in close quarter combat, and therefore, they required a weapon that would come handy in such situations. 

The soldiers created a special weapon that would serve them in the trenches. This led to the birth of the brass knuckle knife. It was actually named as Trench knife. 

A trench knife or knuckle duster knife was a combination of two weapons, a blade and knucks. It was basically a knife, but it did not have any handle. Rather, it featured knucks. 

The idea was to make a weapon that is impossible to disarm. Also, they wanted to create a weapon that is easy to use in a close quarter combat. 

So, the idea eventually led to construction of first ever brass knuckle knife. This knife made history by allowing the soldiers to easily get rid of their enemies. 

Since it could be worn around the knuckles, it was actually impossible to disarm the wearer. Also, two weapons could be used at a single time. A wearer could punch his opponent to knock him down and then use the blade for stabbing actions. 

The earliest trench knife was named Mark I and it became an important fighting weapon in history. 

Brass knuckle knife was used for quite a long time as a fighting weapon. It served as a primary fighting weapon during World War I. However, during the Second World War, it became a secondary fighting weapon. 

Today, there is a great selection of this special knife is available in the market. You can even find the replica of Mark I Trench knife. 

Brass Knuckles for Self-defense - A Great Idea!

Brass knuckles is a fabulous self-defense weapon. In fact, it is a great idea to use it for battling the attackers than any other weapon in the world. 

There are plenty of advantages that this weapon offers that others don’t. 

Most importantly, it is a weapon that can be worn., You can wear it around your knuckles and carry it with ease. In the case of other weapons, carrying them is a great hassle. You need to carry them in your pockets or bags which is a great discomfort. 

Also, it is impossible to disarm you when you have worn it. 

Knuckle duster is such a powerful weapon that even a single punch can knock the attacker down, enabling you to survive! 

The Final Word! 

Brass knuckles was originally developed as an offensive self defense weapon. The history suggests that it was a weapon that could also be used as a weapon for self-defense. And perhaps this is why it is mainly used for self-defense. In fact, it is a highly advantageous self-defense weapon. 

But before you buy a pair of brass knuckles for you, you need to know the laws regarding the weapon in your respective state. Make sure it is legal in your state before you get a fantastic pair for you to use it for self-defense!