Camo Knife - Stealth Mode Activated

Dagger tactical knife design with rescue tools. 4 1/2 inch. overall closed in length. Includes Seat belt and cord cutter. 4 1/2 In. Closed in length.
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Part Number: 6Q4-TF-710DW
Features: 4.25 inches sawback partially serrated blade
snow camo finish handle
stainless steel two- toned blade
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This camo knife is the perfect American knife, this knife was designed to be used by only true patriots, this knife can only be wielded by red blooded true Americans, they were designed for Americans that remain fearless even when faced with adversity. When we say Americans, we are referring to true Americans, not those noisy wannabees that are all talk and zero action. Your country needs you to protect yourself. Don’t forget to make a purchase of this knife, if you won’t do it for yourself, then do it for your country

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