Want to read some amazing and entertaining facts about the stun gun flashlight? Let's jump straight into it:

i)  Until and unless you are a witch or wizard and can transform into a cat-like Professor McGonagall or you have been bitten by a vampire and are able to transform into a bat at night; I naturally assume, that as a normal human being/muggle you aren't able to see at the time of darkness. Thus, it is always useful and smart to carry a flashlight at the darkest hours with you, probably a stun gun flashlight.

ii)  If you are living in a shady dark avenue and need to take out your trash out since you forgot to take it out during the day, you might want to take the life-saving stun gun flashlight with you. The reason you might ask? Well, you have no idea who might be hiding underneath that shady tree. It can be some psycho attacker wearing a nasty clown costume waiting for you to step out in the dark.

Remember, you must always carry a contingency plan with you while you step out of your house at night. Safety is better than regret; a stun gun flashlight is not a deadly weapon. The non-deadly electric volts emitted from a stun gun flashlight will render the possible attacker immobile for some time. Subsequently, this will allow you to get yourself to a safe spot and alert the cops if required.

iii)  If you are still not sure about what really happens once you hit the button of your stun gun flashlight, do know that it blocks the attacker's neurological system for a particular time depending on the level of voltage of your stun gun flashlight. This aspect puts you in control of the situation that could have turned pretty nasty if you were unarmed and unprepared.

iv)  It has been reported by many users and admirers of the stun gun flashlight that in many cases they do not really require to use it on their potential attackers. In other words, there have been situations where the mere sound of a stun gun flashlight ‘scared' the potential attackers and made them take the flight. This aspect indicates that it might not be necessary to actually ‘touch' an assailant with the stun gun flashlight. The mere sight and sound of it might do the trick as well.

The awful frizzle and crack of high voltage along with the bright blue sparks of electricity piercing the dark night will definitely have a solid impression on the perceptive mind of the attacker. With his/her better reasoning they will make the wise decision of leaving you alone and at peace.

The above-mentioned factors are just a few of the many vital and crucial aspects that can ensure the safety of our life and well-being. Without a doubt, a stun gun flashlight is a multi-functional tool that you ought to consider buying one not only for yourself but family and friends as well; specifically, for women and young teenagers. Some women might not be as comfortable as men in keeping a gun as a self defense weapon. This is where a stun gun flashlight comes handy. Not only is it non-lethal but also easy to use and carry.

Pros and Cons of a Stun Gun Flashlight

Let's talk about the pros and cons of a stun gun flashlight. Starting with the pros we see that a stun gun flashlight comes in a variety of voltage, sizes, and shapes. The typical voltage can vary from 1 million volts to as high as 35 million volts. Apart from the voltage, a stun gun flashlight allows the user to bring down a possible attacker to their knees in close ranged attacks within no time.

Hence, it is quite effective when it comes to sudden close-ranged attacks where quick and effective self defense is required. Moreover, if you touch the potential attacker with a stun gun flashlight there is no chance that the electric current might flow back to you. This factor makes it a safe and effective self defense weapon. 

Not to mention the fact that it is 100% non-lethal and highly recommended for those who don't want to carry a knife or a gun as their choice of self defense weapons.

You might also ‘alert' and ‘warn' an attacker beforehand by ‘firing' an electric shot in the air as a warning sign. The crackling sound and sparkle will surely discourage the attacker from carrying out their evil plans. Most importantly, a stun gun flashlight is not only cost-effective but, it also requires low maintenance.

With a stun gun flashlight, you would not require ‘replacement cartridges'; all you need to do is keep your stun gun flashlight charged so it is ready to be used whenever and wherever you might require it. The only possible drawback associated with a stun gun flashlight is that they are not so effective with regard to fending off an attacker from a far range. These self defense weapons are essentially built for a close range defense.

The Answer to a Stun Gun Flashlight is YES!

In contrast to other self defense weapons, a stun gun flashlight is much more sophisticated. The mere sound and sight of it have proved to be discouraging to the attacker. the different shapes and sizes of a stun gun flashlight make them very compact devices as well; easy to carry and easy to conceal.

Some are eve the size of your palm. This amazing self defense weapon will definitely lend you an upper hand by surprising the attacker with an electric volt emitted from the stun gun flashlight. Meanwhile, the attacker loses control of his/her muscles you can make a dash for a safe spot and alert the police. 

Ultimately, a stun gun flashlight is something to be kept with you all the times, be it day or night. It is mandatory to carry a contingency plan with you at all times. You might also want to gift a stun gun flashlight to your friends and family as well.