Cat Self Defense Knuckle Key Chain - Hot Pink

Cat Self Defense Knuckle Key Chain Hot Pink
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This is a beautiful self defense keychain, ideal for both men and women. In a nice pink color and small size, women can carry it in their pockets or handbags. There is a key ring that can be used for attaching and carrying keys. The hot pink color makes it look like a beautiful keychain!

This cat self defense keychain, as the name suggests, is shaped like a cat’s face. There are two ears and two eyes. The two eyes are the holes that you can use two wear it in any of two fingers. The two ears serve as deadly spikes and can help you fight the attackers. You can make a strong fist and use the knuckles to punch the attacker in his face and survive his attack. 

The finger holes of this cat self defense keychain are 0.75 inches, allowing you to insert your fingers comfortably in there. The overall size of the keychain is just 3.14 inches, hence making it easy to carry it in your pocket! A perfect weapon for self defense! 


  • Cat Self Defensive Key Chain 
  • Overall Size: 3.14 Inches 
  • Finger Hole: 0.75 Inches 
  • Color: Hot Pink

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