Conan Barbarian Antiquated Sword

Conan Barbarian Antiquated Sword. Overall Length: 40.5 Inches . Features: Brass Trim, Heavy Duty Decorative Sword
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Collectors be attentive, this is the masterpiece sword you need to have in your arsenal. This Conan Barbarian Antiquated Sword is the most popular fantasy sword. It is the sword of Conan the Barbarian, a famous fantasy character. The sword has all the features you would like in a collectible sword. It has the guard, the pommel and the hilt. A perfect collectible sword for enthusiasts. 

This Conan Barbarian Antiquated Sword is extremely beautiful and offers the elegance you want in your sword. It features a back end cap and comes with a wooden wall plaque. Hence, you can display the sword on a wall as your decor item. Also, this sword is excellent for LARP and costume purposes. 

This Conan Barbarian Antiquated Sword has an overall length of more than 40 inches, so it is a huge sword. Also, the blade is 29 inches and is massive. It has a lovely handle with pommel, hilt and guard. The handle is  measured as around 10 inches in length with a grip of 6 inches. 


  • Overall Length: 40.5 Inches 
  • Blade Length: 29 Inches 
  • Blade: Stainless Steel, Double Factory Edge, Detailed & Engraved 
  • Grip Length: 6 Inches 
  • Features: Brass Trim, Heavy Duty Decorative Sword

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