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2H2-YC-064S - This unique X Claw piece features three silver, razors sharp, 440 stainless steel blades connected to a genuine iron handle with the X logo
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MTech USA 11.25 Inch Fixed Blade Fantasy Dagger Gold Titanium
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5.47 Inch Overall Length Mtech USA Fixed Blade Knife. 5MM Thick 3.7 Inch Stone Wash Finished Blade. 19MM Thick Black Rubberized Handle
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Scorpion Stinger Punch Blade Fantasy Dagger. Includes a Wooden Display Stand with Tribal Scorpion Designs. Overall Length: 15.25 Inches .
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16 Inches Medieval Warrior Spearhead
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14 Inches Medieval Warrior Spearhead
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12 Inches Medieval Warrior Spearhead
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Dagger Knife - A Historical Weapon

The historic nature of daggers have made them symbolic. Their iconic style speaks of history which is also true as they were originated even before swords. However, in modern era dagger knife is known more as a self defense tool. Daggers symbolize fight, combats and martiality. Over the years, dagger knife has been seen as the most essential tool the males used to carry as a token of power and manhood. The earliest daggers were made up of bone or ivory. They have travelled  a long way over the years and are still an integral part of our lives - with major improvements in design and construction materials of course. 

Awesome Variety of Daggers

We provide a wide range of push daggers, fantasy daggers and medieval daggers. Whether you want short swords, traditional daggers, claw-like daggers, spear shaped daggers or tactical daggers - we have them all! Some designs are very modern having double edges and hand claws. Their razor sharp edges make them a great weapon for thrusting. 

Daggers for Sale in lowest price!

Knives Deal provides you the largest collection of dagger knives. The main purpose of the dagger knife is to thrust. It has a narrow blade honed to a sharp point. The blade has a groove running down the centre of it and is sharpened from both sides of it. Our dagger knives are made of superior quality. You can clip it to almost every single piece of clothing such as your belt. You can also opt for carrying the knife inside your boot, or simply have it attached underneath your pant leg for the perfect killer vibes.

A good dagger knife is still a must have for everyone who likes to have an aura of power around him. Our daggers for sale are the best option for you, if you looking for something cheap yet superb. Shop now to grab the best daggers and avail our fastest shipping of just one business day!

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