Damascus Sgian Dubh Knife Dagger

Damascus Sgian Dubh Knife Dagger. 8.25 Inches Overall in Length.
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In the ancient days, a sgian dubh was typically carried for self-defense, although the practice continued into modern days as a decoration. Impressively ornate and yet potentially effective, the Damascus Sgian Dubh fills both needs surprisingly well. Translated as black knife, this little dagger is a credit to its name, possessing a dark appearance as well as a small size that is perfect for carrying tucked in your socks or hose or for concealing a small blade on your person. This black knifes stainless steel blade is acid etched feature a wave-like damascus pattern, while the black handle and the matching hard sheath feature an elegant white emblem as decoration. This sgian dubh measures approximately 8.25 inches long and can be tucked, comfortably, into the top of stockings or hoses so that it can be worn as a part of traditional Scottish highland attire.

  • Historical  Scottish Dirk dagger
  • Blade is Acid Etched with a Flowing Damascus Pattern
  • Hilt and Scabbard are Decorated with White Emblems
  • Includes a Hard Scabbard
  • Overall Length: 8.25"
  • Handle Length: 4"
  • Blade Length: 3.5"
  • Scabbard Length: 4.25

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