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Cheap Digital Scales - High Quality Digital Scale
IPK V2 Digital Pocket Scale 100g x 0.01g. Features High-precision straining resistance sensor
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Digital Pocket Scale Options That Meets All Your Needs

No matter why you need a digital pocket scale, you need one that will put up with abuse and have the features that you need. The main thing to taking into consideration when purchasing a digital pocket scale is how sensitive it needs to be. Whether you need a scale to be sensitive to the tenth or hundredth, we have you covered. With additional features, there’s enough options to easily find the pocket scale that works best no matter if you need it in the kitchen or shop at sale prices every day. 

Digital Pocket Scale with Sensitivities to Tenths and Hundredths for Less

Digital scales are becoming more and more needed. No matter if you are interested in cooking, baking, crafting, or anything else you may need a pocket scale for, we have a digital pocket scale that will meet your needs. With different sensitivities including down to the tenth and hundredth in some models and additional features available including trays, carrying cases, and backlit LED displays, you’ll be able to find the perfect digital scale for your needs. No matter your specific needs, we have a scale that will be perfect for you!

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