Spring Assisted Knives, also named assisted opening knives, are the types of pocket knives with some exceptional features. These knives have gained the attention of the enthusiasts since their features have been revealed. These are one of the frequently used bladed weapons due to their multi-functional nature. They are believed to be excellent everyday carry knives because they can fulfill almost every need of the users. They are good as utility knives, and even more effective as self defense weapons.

Hence, the major reason behind the popularity of these knives is that they can be used for variety of tasks. Furthermore, their features are highly appreciated by the users. This is perhaps why they are quite frequently used by the enthusiasts. So, it is necessary to explore their drool worthy features. So, let’s uncover those features!

  • The Opening Mechanism

The opening mechanism of this knife is what differs it from the rest of the folding knives. In fact, it is another folding knife, but with a different deployment method. The blade is concealed inside the handle and upon some assistance by the user, the blade can be deployed. This is why it is known as assisted opening knife. A slight assistance is necessary in order to open the blade. To completely deploy the blade, you first need to push the blade that is locked inside the handle. As you push the blade to partially open it, it would completely open. However, you need to open it to a partial position from where it would be quickly opened to full position, and ready to be used.

This opening mechanism of spring assisted knives is unique. There is no other knife that opens this way. Assisted opening method seems pretty interesting because the user has to apply some force to open it. Otherwise, the blade would be locked and the user will be absolutely safe from accidental injury caused by the blade. Hence, the main feature that is essential in such knives is their assisted opening mechanism.

  • Safety Lock

The feature that makes spring assisted knives extraordinary blades to carry is the safety lock. The locking mechanism is often incorporated in the knives, but the most effective locking method is featured in these assisted opening knives. The blade is secured inside the handle with serious force. There is no push button that can open the blade. Rather, the user has to apply some force to open it. This features makes them the safest to use knives. That is why the general public loves carrying them. There is no trouble when it comes to accidental injuries.

Accidental injuries are likely in many of the knives when carried in the pockets. For instance, if you have a switchblade in your pocket, the button may suddenly be pushed, so, you would be vulnerable to some damage. The safety mechanism of automatic knives is not that efficient. On the other hand, assisted opening knives incorporate an ideal safety lock. Though, not all the knives include this lock, but if you are purchasing this knife, make sure to get the one that does incorporate this safety lock. This will ensure that unless you apply serious force, the blade does not open. So, you will stay safe and unworried about any accidental injury!

  • Small Size

Spring Assisted Knives are smallest among the knives. Not just they they feature smaller blades, but the overall length is pretty reduced compared to other types of knives. Firstly, there is a small, but very sharp blade, but then comes the folding mechanism that further reduces the size of this knife. The overall size does enhance when the blade is completely deployed. But, when the blade is folded, the overall length reduces to almost nothing. Hence, this knife can easily fit into the pocket. So, it feels like you are carrying almost no weight in your pocket.

The small size of these knives makes them ideal for everyday carry. Regardless of any purpose they are used, carrying them on daily basis makes them perfect EDC tools. So, you are always equipped with a knife, and when you need to perform any task, you can just pull out the knife from your pocket, deploy the blade and accomplish your task!

  • Deployment Speed

This is a wonderful feature of spring assisted knives which makes them perfect self defense weapons. Deployment speed refers to the speed at which the blade is opened and is ready to use. In an ideal weapon for defense, you want one feature and that is the quickness. These knives are lightning fast to be deployed. As the blade is folded inside the handle and typically carried in your pockets, you can just push the blade to partially open it, the rest of the blade would quickly and automatically open. You can even open the blade when it is still in your pocket. Push to partially open the blade and it would be ready to be launched against the attacker before you take it out of your pocket.

If your weapon is quick to be launched, you are likely to survive deadliest of the attacks. The attackers often attack suddenly and don;t give you time to adjust or counter their attacks. So, you require a weapon that can quickly become battle ready to initiate a counter attack. Considering the deployment pace, there is no alternative to the assisted opening knives as weapons for self defense.

  • Ease of Use and Carry

When it comes to carrying a weapon in your pocket, purse or a small bag, your ultimate option is a spring assisted knife. All things considered, it is the only pocket knife that you can comfortably carry. The features such as small size and low weight enable you to carry them easily. Similarly, considering the ease of use, there is no match of these knives. Even a small kid can operate this knife without any need to learn using it.

Spring assisted knives are regarded as ideal for the beginners and those who have not used any bladed weapon before. This is because there is no training required before using them. As you get your hands on these knives, you are already skilled enough to use them. Simply putting it, there is no rocket science! If you have no prior knowledge or experience of using a bladed weapon, don’t worry! You can just sightly push the blade to open it to a partial position, the automatic opening mechanism would do the rest. Before you aim to hit your target, the blade would be readily available to do the damage. Such is the ease of its use!

  • Edges

Among the considerably brilliant features of spring assisted knives, one is the edges on the blade. Typically, these knives feature three different sorts of edges. Like when purchasing any knife, you would first need to figure out which sort of edge you will want to have on the blade. The edges on the blades determine what functions are expected to be performed by the knife. Generally, there are two types of edges usually found in these knives, including the plain edge and the combo edge.

If you buy a plain edged knife, expect it to be good for smooth cuts and slicing. Also, it would be an ideal knife for defending against the attackers. This knife can easily penetrate and cause serious damage to the attacker. Such type of knives are easier to maintain because there is no need to frequently sharpen the blade using a sharpener. A combo edge on the other hand is regarded as most efficient. It would enable you to utilize the serrated edge as well as plain edge on the basis of your needs. However, it isn’t the best knife when it comes to self defense.