Every knife is popular for some reasons. Most importantly, a knife is known for the way it serves the user, in other words, the uses of the knife. As one expects, every cool knives has a distinctive use. Yes, a few knives may serve multiple purposes. But there is always one specific task for which a particular knife is used. For instance, you can use a walking cane for beating someone, but it is best known for walking.

There are knives, and then there are cool knives in the market. What makes a knife cool is the use of that particular knife. It offers specific features that are ideal for that specific use. For example, handcuffs have a solid locking mechanism and that’s why they are used for arresting the culprits.

We have a fantastic range of cool knives available in the market. Most of them have a share of uses, but each of them has at least one specific use. Following are the different types of knives with their distinctive uses:

Hidden Blade Knife - Self Defense

Hidden blade is considered one of the coolest knives for reasons like secrecy, smart designs, and effectiveness in a self-defense situation. The name of the knife tells you what this knife is. It is designed as a small blade that remains hidden. It is a knife that is used secretly against the attacker.

Self-defense is the most recognized use of this knife and one can say that there is no other knife that serves that purpose better than this small, secret blade. The most widely used hidden blades include lipstick knife, pen knife, boot knife, belt knife and neck knife.

What makes a hidden blade such an effective self-defense knife? Most obvious is the blade. In any shape, it features a small, but very sharp blade. In case of a lipstick knife, there is a blade attached to the lipstick which is appeared by twisting its tube. A neck knife means a blade attached to a necklace.

Similarly, a pen knife means a blade attached to a pen. That blade remains hidden unless you reveal it. When an attacker attacks, you can pull out your hidden blade and inflict a severe injury. Once he is wounded, you are likely to survive.

Pocket Knife - Utility and EDC Tasks

Many people consider to carry a pocket knife is a knife for defense against the attackers. But it is actually a knife for everyday carry. As the name suggests, it is a knife to be carried in the pocket which means you are always supposed to be equipped with it. Hence, it is an EDC knife for doing all everyday utility tasks.

We consider it a cool knife due to its ability to accomplish all the utility tasks. You come across several situations in your daily life when you require a blade. No other knife can be carried with such ease and comfort. So, this is the best suited utility and EDC knife.

Pocket knife is a knife with a foldable blade. The blade is small but has the ability to do even harder cutting tasks.

It can be used in emergency situations like cutting the seat belt. It is helpful in the kitchen to prepare food. It can peel fruits and cut veggies. It can cut wires, ropes and unnecessary branches in your backyard. It can trim and alter clothes and remove threads from your dresses. It can open letters, packages, bottles and other canned objects. And it does not stop here, there is a long list of utility tasks that can be accomplished with this small knife. All in all, it is the best utility and everyday carry knife.

Survival Knife - Camping

In America, survival these days refers to surviving against the attackers. A survival knife does prove to be useful in this regard, but it is not ideally used for survival against the attackers. Rather, it is used as a tool for camping.

Don’t be surprised here. We all use this knife for different purposes while camping. It lets you cut wood, ropes and other things for constructing shelter. In addition, it lets you clear brush. It also serves as a knife to battle the wild animals that you often encounter while camping. A survival knife is known for its immense size and strength.

Throwing Knives - Sports

It is quite obvious from the name, throwing knives are the ones used for throwing. Their distinctive use is in a popular sport known as knife throwing. It is rare to see a knife, or any other weapon being used in sports. However, these knives are different from regular knives and are only used for sporting throwing knife guide purposes.

Knife throwing involves throwing knives on a target, often made of wood, from some distance. The wooden target is often round in shape and the knife needs to stick in that target.

A throwing knife is designed in a way that it travels straighter and at a quicker pace. It often features a point on the blade that allows it to stick in the wooden target. Also, the design of this knife makes it provide accuracy and travels at a greater speed. This knife is not intended to be used for cutting different materials.

Also, no other knife can be used in this sport because it would lack accuracy and won’t even stick in the wooden target.

Butterfly Knife - Tricks

Butterfly knife, also called balisong knife, is a knife that is used for performing different tricks. It is not unusual to play tricks with a weapon. What makes it a cool knife is its unorthodox design? It features two handles while a regular knife has just one handle. The two handles are enclosed to conceal the blade.

The handles are opened and locked at a point where they two meets to form one thick handle. This knife is mainly used by the trickers. It is easy to play some tricks with this knife because of its style. The most commonly played tricks with a balisong knife include flick opening, flick closing, pinwheel and different aerial tricks.

Machete - Hunting

While hunting, you need diverse tools. A gun to start with and then a stove to cook it. However, between these important tasks, you need to prepare meat. Cutting and preparing meat is an essential task, otherwise, you won’t enjoy your prey.

Machete is a massive knife that is known for cutting heavy chores. It possesses enormous strength to cut the hardest of the materials. It is the knife you see in the hands of a butcher. It can easily cut meat and hence allows you to prepare food after you have done all the hard work to hunt your big game.

Hence, you just can’t miss a machete knife while packing necessary hunting tools before your expedition. Indeed, a key hunting tool!

Karambit Knife - Martial Arts

Karambit knife is a cool knife that has several uses, but we are focusing on its use in the martial arts. Since we are exploring some distinctive uses, it is worth mentioning the martial art with this incredible knife.

Karambit is a badass knife with a curved blade. It is a favorite tool for martial artists. It is a common weapon used in Filipino martial arts, and it actually hails from Philippines. Martial artists practice different fighting and defense techniques with a karambit.

Skinning Knife - Field Dressing the Hunt

Field dressing a deer, once you have hunted it, is perhaps one of the most challenging steps in your hunting activity. But a skinning knife eases this process for you.

Skinning knife is specially designed for skinning big game. It offers serious strength to dress your hunt. Another essential part of your hunting equipment!

Dagger - Combat

Dagger is a cool knife, but it is not necessarily a knife. Experts consider it somewhat different than a knife. It was mainly a fighting weapon a long time ago which served in close quarters combat.

Even today, it is popular as a combat weapon. It is a small sized knife, but unlike knife, it has a needle like point at the bottom of the blade. In addition, it features a thick blade with a couple of edges. The history is full of stories surrounding dagger serving in combat and fighting.

What makes dagger a cool knife? The features that prove to be handy during a fight or combat. It has a comfortable, thick and grippy handle that makes it almost impossible to disarm. It’s needle like point can penetrate deep to make sure the injury is severe.

It is equally effective for self-defense as well. In the modern days, Americans seem to carry this weapon for self-defense and for fighting the attackers who often come equipped with such weapons too.


Finally comes our conclusion from the whole description above. A knife is not cool when it serves multiple purposes. Rather, it is cool due to that one specific use. This is actually the way a particular knife serves the best. It is not necessary that one should only focus on a single popular use of a knife.

However, it is essential to know what the best way is a knife would serve its user. Every knife discussed above can serve several other purposes, but that one distinctive use makes it a cool knife.

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