brass knuckles

Have you wondered why do you love wearing brass knuckles? Have you ever tried using these in a serious fight? Well, if yes, are you satisfied with how impactful these really are? I am sure you are surprised at how this weapon is suited to its purpose of creation.

People often avoid using these because they think that brass knuckles can make their fingers hurt. Therefore, this article is thoughtfully compiled to help you bye to all such scary thoughts.

Do Brass Knuckles Actually Hurt?

To be honest, the answer to this question is quite logical. Fortunately, our brain is a powerhouse that entirely governs our bodies. It is also an exceptionally capable organ that incredibly overpowers all other senses.

In simple words, we can train our brain to turn senseless to the little sensation of unease that these rising trend of brass knuckles can cause. Now, you must be thinking that why do you even need to tame your brain in this way.

You can simply turn down your desire of wearing knuckles. No worries, we have got a valid answer to this question as well.

Why Shall I Bear Pain for Wearing Brass Knuckles?

It is undoubtedly a complex question and thus, I will prefer answering this one chunk by chunk. So, let's move towards the first part of the answer.

  • No Pain, No Gain:

All of you must have heard a famous proverb that clearly states that without bearing pain we can never really gain anything. It is absolutely true in this case.

How can you even turn a blind eye to a hundred advantages of brass knuckles? Can't you bear little pain to get your hands on such a splendid self defense weapon?

Just ask yourself once and if you think that you are not that courageous, let me remind you of the things that you do on a daily basis.

brass knuckles

a. Why Do You Wear Heels Despite The Discomfort That They Bring?

Brass knuckles are known for their utility as a classy accessory. These are now not less than a fashion statement and thus everyone has gone crazy about it.

Are you also a fashionista? Do you also want to own one such long-lasting accessory? But wait! Are you afraid of bearing the pain?

If yes, remind yourself about the discomfort that you suffer on wearing heels. Have you ever stopped wearing them? This will surely give you a reason to say yes to this weapon.

b. Do You Want to Lose A Fight?

This tool must have been playing a great role in making you win all the fights. People must have often admired your skills of using brass knuckles. By now, you must have become habitual to using these in all your fighting ventures.

Can you even imagine fighting without this weapon? Are you ready to lose a fight? I am sure, you cannot afford to tarnish your image as a reputable and skilled fighter. But, you can surely bear the pain.

c. Why Do You Go Through A Painful Operation As A Cure?

Remember when you slipped off a swing and broke your leg. I am sure you were quite reluctant and afraid to go through a critical surgery.

But, do you think that you would be able to survive with a use of brass knuckles without suffering the pain of that operation?

See, a little pain can make wonders happen. Isn't it an amazing thing? It will surely motivate you to invest in this commendable tool.

d. Why Do You Spend Sleepless Nights to Pass An Exam?

Without making efforts and without making yourself a little restless, you can’t even pass an exam. Each one of you must have stayed up all night long to pass a certain test or exam.

You must have put yourself to a test simply to meet a fruitful result. Stay firm on this approach and you will never stay away from availing the numerous advantages this perfect self-defense weapon.

Even if you are still hesitating, let us share with you a few tips that can help you stay safe from that pain.
  • There is no need to wear these all day long. You can simply wear them only when you are heading out of your space. Or you may choose to wear them in time of need only. In this way, these will never hurt your fingers.
  • Another good idea is to wear these knuckles after properly moisturizing your hands. It will save you from the hassle of bearing any pain.
  • You can even wear these on your gloves. It will not diminish their usability. In fact, it will serve as a great tactic to avoid pain. If you don’t believe it, you can simply try it on your own. You will be amazed to see how well it works.
  • If in case your fingers are already aching and you are regretting your decision, let us help you. Massage your fingers with your favorite moisturizer or with some hot oil. You will be amazed at how the pain vanishes in milliseconds.

Are you now ready to wear these brass knuckles? Have you already made your mind to get these?

So, Are Your Fingers Secure?

So, do brass knuckles hurt your fingers? Definitely not if you know how to use them perfectly! Your fingers are secure if you have worn quality knuckles; another point to ponder. 

However, you can't miss to avail all those uses of brass knuckles. So, get a few in your arsenal and ensure to use them in several different ways!