best prop guns

Have you seen those prop guns used in movies during action scenes? Well, yes, that is what we are here to talk about.

The demand for prop guns is increasing with the passage of time and this increase makes sense. It makes sense because the movie industry is growing. It is obvious that the more movies people will make, the more they will need to use guns and that is the reason why the market of these prop weapons is expanding with each passing day.

These guns come in a variety of designs and sizes. The best part is that this industry is advanced enough to bring you customized guns too. Yes, you read that right!

For example, if you want an AK47 to use it in an action movie/scene, instead of buying the real one and putting everyone in danger, you can order a prop gun.

There are just several options for you, but to save you from the hassle and the confusion, we thought to bring some of the most common guns used as props in movies. These prop guns that we are about to mention, they are unique, durable, and affordable in price.

1. Stalker R1 2.5" Barrel Revolver Chrome Finish Simulated Wood Grips - 9mm Blank Gun:

If you are in search of a classic style revolver, the Stalker R1 2.5” will suit you the best. It is the best and most reliable prop gun of all time. There is a 6 shot cylinder that helps in easily reloading the gun. As far as its capacity to fire blanks is concerned, this one will fire 380 blanks for you.

stalker barrel revolver chrome finish simulated wood grips - 9mm blank gun

On the other hand, there is the shell extractor that will help you get rid of the used cartridges easily without any hassle. This gun is ideal for movies and theatre performances. It is safe because it can’t be turned into real ammunition.

  • 6 rounds capacity
  • Frame made up of zinc alloy
  • Great construction
  • Hardened cylinder (drum) revolver

2. ASI - UZI Fully Automatic Front Firing Blank Machine Gun With Folding Stock:

This automatic full front-firing black machine gun is going to be one of the best prop guns you will buy. It looks so real that it will be difficult for you to identify which one is the real gun and which one is the prop gun if you place it on a table with a real machine gun.

ASI UZI fully automatic front firing blank machine gun with folding stock

It is a fully classic replica of the all famous UZI. In less than 1.9 seconds, this gun can fire more than 15 rounds. When it comes to weight, it will feel so real that you are going to love it.

The weight, the construction, and the feel of this weapon are in accordance with what you want. There are one 15 round and a 25 round magazine. To put an even more realistic effect in your movie, you can use this gun because it even produces smoke and flame right from the end of the barrel when you fire.

  • Comes with three modes of operation
  • Length: 14" X 7.5"
  • Real feel and weight
  • Fires in semi and full auto mode

3. Jackal Compact Chrome Finish - Full Auto Front Firing Blank Pistol Gun:

Jackal is a replica of 92. What makes this weapon unique is that it comes with the same weight that you experience with the real 92 and then there is this extremely durable steel alloy frame.

jackal compact chrome finish- full auto front firing blank pistol gun

In 19 seconds, this gun can fire more than 15 rounds in the automatic mode. Not just this but you can also use this gun in the semi-automatic mode. Just like the one mentioned earlier, you get both flame and smoke from the end of the barrel when you shoot.

Hence, the construction of this gun is quite durable and the design with which it comes is outstanding. It is going to be the right pick for you among all the other prop guns.

  • Excellent chrome finish
  • Can fire 15 rounds in 1.9 seconds
  • Comes with a hardshell case
  • Durable construction

4. Camouflage ASI - UZI Fully Automatic Front Firing Blank Machine Gun:

Our next best bet for the best prop guns is the Camouflage ASI machine gun. It is a fully automatic front firing machine blank gun that will suit all purposes, whether you have to shoot an action scene for your movie, perform theatre or reenact.

Camouflage ASI UZI fully automatic front firing blank machine gun

This one is also a full-size replica of the classic UZI model and just like the ones we put down above, even this one fires 15 rounds in 1.9 seconds automatically. It comes with a length of 14" X 7.5" which makes it a heavy-duty weapon that can be used as prop guns no matter what it is for.

  • Includes: 2 Magazine - 15 Round Mag, 25 Round Mag
  • Fires in semi and full auto mode
  • Feels and weighs like a real gun
  • High-quality material used

5. V92F Chrome Finish - Firat Magnum Front Firing Blank Gun:

One thing that we are sure about is the fact that your audience won’t be able to tell if it is a real gun that you are using prop guns. With the V92F, it becomes hard to tell which one is real and which one is not.

This is the reason why we are mentioning it to you here in our top best prop guns list. It is a worthy weapon that comes with the best design and the best style.

V92F Chrome Finish Firat Magnum Front Firing Blank Gun

At least, if you don’t want to be worried about investing your money on the wrong weapon, the V92F is what you should lay your hands on. It comes with an extremely elegant and beautiful chrome finish that will make you fall in love with this gun.

  • Smooth slide action
  • Realistic weight, real feel
  • Fully operative
  • Easy and simple to use

6. Stalker R1 2.5" Barrel Revolver Black - 9mm Zoraki Blank Firing Gun:

Next, we have the Stalker R1 2.5 barrel revolver in black color. This 9mm Zoraki blank firing gun is worth appreciation because it is not just great to be used as prop guns, but it also is a treat for the eyes.

For someone who loves guns and pistols, this replica is the best thing to buy. It can’t be turned into real ammunition and the design and color with which it comes, makes it look exotic.

Stalker R1 205" Barrel revolver blank 9mm Zoraki blank firing Gun

Our purpose in putting this weapon in our top best prop guns list is that it deserves your attention and your hard-earned money.

This revolver comes with a 6 shot cylinder that easily rolls out for reloading. You can fire 380 blanks with this gun and it also offers a shell ejector that helps in getting rid of the used cartridge easily.

  • Double action revolver
  • Sturdy zinc alloy frame
  • Excellent performance
  • Durable

7. Zoraki R1 Silver 4.5" Barrel - Front Firing Blank Gun Revolver Simulated Wood Grips:

This is one of those prop guns that is a real treat, not just to hold but to watch too. Yes, you read that quite right!

The Zoraki R1 silver revolver is going to be the best thing you will buy this year and it will all make sense once you lay your hands on it. The design with which it comes will be the first thing that you will notice when you hold this revolver.

Zoraki R1 Silver 4.5" Barrel Front Firing Blank Gun Revolver Simulated Wood Grips

What forced us to mention this product today is the fact that it feels and weighs just like a real gun. This is what you should consider when buying prop guns. You need to make sure that they feel and look like a real gun and that no one can guess if it is a replica.

These prop guns are worth your money because they check all the things in a list, the performance is up to the mark, the feel is up to the mark and the weight also is similar to what a real revolver weighs.

  • Zinc alloy frame
  • Wooden grip
  • Can fire 380 blanks
  • Silver with simulated wood grips finish

The Final Thoughts:

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