karambit knife

If you are an enthusiast of knives and have great knowledge about the rich history of these utility tools, you must be aware of the ninjas that were found in the feudal era of Japan. You would also know about their weapons that were very unique and had special features. 

Well, here we are going to discuss one of their most-used weapons i.e., Ninja knife. You will be amazed to know that ninja knives are still popular among people across the world. Therefore, if you want to be a ninja and are looking for a ninja knife, we have an amazing knife for you!

Ninja warriors are among the greatest warriors of all time. These warriors were known for their incredible fighting weapons and excellent war tactics. Ninja weapons were all quite lethal and effective, and one of the lethal weapons was the ninja knife. 

If you are a real ninja enthusiast, you need to have one of the best ninja knife in your collection. It is perfect for practice and training purpose. 

So, don’t go anywhere and let us tell you about this best training and practice knife of the ninjas.

6.7 Inches PP Material Practice and Training Karambit Knife:

This knife will assist you in practicing and training for your self-defense and other combats. So, grab this knife and protect yourself like a ninja!

Impressive Features of This Karambit knife:

The great ninja knife is the karambit knife that contains a very badass appearance. Its tiger’s claw shape curved blade is very unique and different from others. 

karambit knife

This is one of the main ninja knives that were used by the ninjas for their different purposes in the past.

Some of its features are given below:

1. Karambit Safety Ring:

Yes, it is true that the earlier versions of the karambit knife don’t possess the safety ring. But, since the usage and features of this knife have been evolved with the passage of time and then, there was a safety ring created in the design of this kind of ninja knives.

This safety ring is found at the end of the handle. It allows its users to insert the finger in the ring and it prevents the knife from falling down from their hands.

Well, the best thing is that this karambit knife model holds a safety ring which makes it more secure.

2. Quality Material Used In It:

As this is a training and practice blade, this is why the material used for it is polypropylene. And because of this quality material, there are no chances of hurting yourself while practicing and training with this knife.

This feature makes this knife the best option for learning how to use a ninja knife.

3. Standard Length of the Blade:

The length of the blade is about 6.7 inches that is an average length. A knife of this length is very easy to carry if you want to have it for your routine tasks.

4. Rigid Blade:

In the present era, these blades are created with more precision and accuracy to provide users more effective and efficient knives. Because of this, these knives are unbreakable, rigid, and provide cutting resistance.

Pros of This Amazing Karambit Knife:

If you have selected this amazing karambit as your ninja knife either for your protection or utility purpose, let us tell you a few significant benefits of this knife.

  • Easy to Carry:

Karambit knives are one of the easiest blades to carry. These are made up of polypropylene. Therefore, there are no chances of any damage while carrying this blade in your pocket.

  • Durability:

These blades are still the same as they were in the past. Because the top manufacturers have maintained the quality and durability of their knives.

However, the above described use of Karambit knife contains a very hard and stiff blade that is unbreakable.

  • Quick Deployment:

Another advantage of this knife is that it offers quick deployment. In the time of need, you can easily take out this blade from your pocket and open it quickly using its advanced opening mechanism.

  • No Sheath Required:

If you carry this knife along with you, you don’t have to put any sheath on it. It is not harmful in any way. You can put it in your bag or pocket without any sheath. This blade is very safe to carry.

Cons of This Karambit Knife:

If there are advantages, there are a few disadvantages to this product as well. These cons should be focused on by the manufacturers of this ninja knife and they should be removed.

  • Small Blade:

Experts say that the blade of this knife is too small for threatening anyone. If in any combat, your opponent possesses a bigger blade, your knife will become ineffective against it.

  • Limited Moves:

This knife contains a unique tiger claw shape blade, so it can’t perform all sorts of tasks.

Hence, keep in mind that a curved blade can’t be used for stabbing purposes. Apart from this, it is not a good option for selecting it as a fighting weapon. Thus, it can only be used for training and practice purposes.


So, if you are a real ninja enthusiast, get a ninja knife in your collection. It is perfect for cosplay, training and practice purposes. 

Every knife possesses some pros and cons. But if you want a great ninja knife, you must opt for this karambit knife model. I am sure the above-mentioned features and other detail are impressive to convince you to buy this knife.