Double Edge Dagger - One Edge Is Never Enough

BLACK KNIGHT - 11" Medieval Battle DAGGER Knife with Scabbard.5 1/4" 440 stainless steel blade. Metal ring handle with cast metal scabbard.
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Part Number: 6A4-RG-6002
Features: 11 inches medieval dagger
5.25 inches stainless steel blade
440 Grade stainless steel blade
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The only thing better than a regular blade is a double edged blade, no kidding they look tasty to say the least. Only serious collectors that are obviously ahead of the curve own at least one of these, we also this without any doubt in our heart that this right here is the next big thing in the knife and blade collection world, it is this blades time to shine, and shine it will. The question now is will you be there to shine with it?

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