butterfly knives

If you roam around a weapon market, you will find a huge variety of folding pocket knives everywhere. However, not all of them are as popular as butterfly knives. This knife continues to secure its distinctive worth in the lives of almost all weapon lovers.

Professional martial arts artists are also immensely fond of playing tricks with this traditional knife. Even the beginners are always fascinated to hold and use butterfly knives effectively and appropriately.

The film and entertainment industry has played a major role in creating hype for these knives. These knives have made significant appearances in several popular movies.

Movies Featuring Butterfly knives:

Let us first have a look at some blockbuster hits that featured a Balisong knife.

1. Jackie Chan's The Big Brawl:

It goes without saying that Jackie Chan is a legendary artist who played an important role in highlighting the worth of martial arts. His movies have actually introduced people to a number of worthy martial arts performing tools and weapons.

The aura that he carries actually fascinates the viewer to invest in all the weapons that he has ever used. Therefore, this movie truly makes best butterfly knives trainer and a popular weapon among individuals.

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Critics often mention that this movie exhibited the most abusive manipulation of these knives on camera.

2. The Mummy:

This movie is one of the most popular ones of its time. I remember how people appeared in cinemas in a huge number to watch this one.

The movie basically made it clear that butterfly knives are one of the earliest weapons that are still in use today. Thus, it made the viewer realize that these knives are not just ordinary knives. It further played a significant role in making it possible for the viewer to value these knives.

The flips and tricks used in this weapon were even dramatized by the amazing sound effects. Those effects actually added dimension to the realistic depiction of this useful tool. Isn't it an amazing thing to know?

3. Goonies:

This is one of the earliest films that broadcasted butterfly knives. It is thus criticized by professionals for broadcasting one of the worst scenes featuring a Balisong knife.

However, this movie still played its part in popularizing these knives among individuals. If you have never seen this one yet, you must watch it once. You will get to know what I am talking about.

Another good idea is to watch all the other movies that I am going to mention in this post. You will surely be mesmerized to know the worth of these knives.

So, are you ready to surprise yourself? If yes, keep reading.

4. Falling Down:

Falling down is another blockbuster hit that I really enjoyed watching. The movie exhibits the double flip trick of using butterfly knives.

People love this movie for it truly introduced them to the exceptional power of this historic weapon. They literally fell in love with the scene where Michael Douglas stumbled on a simple double flip of this amazingly capable knife.

Are you already getting curious to watch that scene? Well, it's worth watching.

5. Lethal Weapon 4

The entire story and screenplay of this film are so engaging that it truly gets hold of your mind for days and weeks.

The movie features a number of butterfly knives. It also broadcasts various distinct butterfly knife tricks that people perform by making use of this splendid weapon. In one way or the other, it truly contributed to stylizing Balisong as a buy worthy weapon.

These facts also define the type of entertainment industry in our lives. It also imposes a major responsibility on media personnel of choosing the content and visuals sensibly.

6. Payback:

This movie depicts a bad guy with a knife. This is something that is often questioned. People argue that even good guys can keep such arms with them with an intention to protect themselves.

It certainly goes without saying that this argument holds quite a lot of weight. Coming back to the point, I must mention that this movie has a single shot where a Balisong made an appearance.

But to be honest, that scene is exemplary. I have never seen such a noteworthy depiction of this knife in any other film till now. It is actually a fascinating scene, I swear. If you don’t believe it, you must watch this film once.

7. American Ninja:

American Ninja featured a full-size brass Balisong. It was primarily used in action scenes as a fighting or defensive weapon.

The main character of the movie was seen playing with this blade to whittle a piece of wood. He even used it for fighting. For that purpose, he used to toss it out. All this played an immense role in formulating the modern-day image of this dangerous weapon.

The terror and fascination created by such scenes still continue to attract buyers to invest in these valuable weapons.

Are you also planning to invest in such a remarkable tool? If yes, I would suggest you choose wisely and spend your money correctly.

8. Action Jackson:

This list can’t be completed without the mention of the famous movie Action Jackson. If you have already watched this film, you must be familiar with the suspense and curiosity that it effortlessly creates.

Each and every scene of this movie is phenomenal. Balisong made an appearance in this movie when a group of bad boys sneaked onto a yacht. They assassinated everyone and one of them had a Balisong that he used as an expert.

Don't you want to watch that amazing scene? Are you already excited to use this knife yourself?

The Best Butterfly Knives for Sale:

By now, you must have made your mind on buying these butterfly knives. But aren't you worried about purchasing the right product? I am sure you must be in search of highly durable knives that are ideal for you as per your need.

So, here we are with a list of some of the best butterfly knives tips that you must consider. Let us have a look at them.

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  • Butterfly Trainer 4 Inch Rainbow Tanto Blade Balisong Knife:

If you are a weapon enthusiast, you must already know the worth of a stainless steel tanto blade.

This knife features a blade that blade in the most unusual form. Yes, you have read it right. I have sensibly used the word unusual because it is very unconventional to find a rainbow tanto blade.

This feature truly makes this knife a hot cake of the weapon market. In addition, it's quality, durability, and utility are unparalleled. All this collaboratively gives reason to why this blade is one of the best-sellers among all butterfly knives.

Aren't you already fascinated to own this piece of art? You must be drooling over it already.

  • Butterfly Trainer 4 Inch Blue Hawkbill Blade Balisong Knife:

This blade is a class apart. If you are a staunch admirer of classy blades and weapons then this truly fits in your criteria. The stylish looks of this blade are exceptionally capable of capturing the buyer's attention.

Apart from that, this knife features a blue tinite coated blade that is supported by a spring latch Mechanism. Isn't it an amazing feature to find in such a powerful blade? Similarly, Hawkbill blades are already quite too popular among individuals.

This gives this knife a competitive edge over all other butterfly knives in the market. Go, grab this one in a billion sort of a product before it goes out of stock.

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  • Butterfly Trainer by Mtech Grey Spider Handle Butterfly Knife

If you are a beginner who is in search of an ideal trainer knife, this is crafted exclusively for you. This knife has it all that you can wish for. From its features to its stylish look and excellent quality, everything is going to mesmerize you.

People love investing in this butterfly trainer knife as it serves as a great martial arts equipment. So, if you are looking for a weapon to serve this purpose, it is highly recommended.

Go give it a buy at your earliest convenience and you will consider it the best decision for the rest of your life. If you don’t believe it, give it a try once. You will thank us later.

The Final Thoughts:

All these butterfly knives have the incredible potential to satisfy your thirst for buying a worthy weapon. You may also browse through our unique online collection of these knives.