Escrima Sticks - The Dragon Design Training Stick

Foam Padded Training Escrima Stick with dragon design. 26" overall.
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Part Number: 5M3-E614
Features: H: 26 x w: 1 x D: 26 measurement
26 inches overall
Packed in polybag
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The best gift item, the best training weapon, the best cosplay and LARP weapon, this Dragon Design Training Escrima Stick is a masterpiece. It is one of the best collectibles for crazy enthusiasts and collectors. These are designed basically for training purposes. These are safe to practice. Hence, martial artists can practice their fighting techniques safely with these sticks. Dream collectible! 

This Dragon Design Training Escrima Stick can serve multiple purposes. Made of foam, it is very safe for cosplay and LARP. In addition, it can be displayed and serve as a decor item. You can use it as your costume for Halloween and impress your mates with an interesting and unique item! 

This Dragon Design Training Escrima Stick is a gorgeous gift item for your loved ones. Made of foam padding, it has a total length of 26 inches. It comes packed in a beautiful polybag and hence you can give it as a great present to your loved ones. The color scheme is impressive as well, featuring black and gold. 

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