butterfly Knives

If you are here today, it is obvious that you are thinking about buying a butterfly knife. But, before you do that, you want some guidance about this knife and how it can be used. Well, if that is what you are looking for, you are in the right place today.

Today, we will be telling you each and everything about a butterfly knife and why it is a great decision to buy one right now. One of the main reasons people buy this knife is that they want to learn different knife flipping techniques or want to practice their ninja skills with it.

Keeping in view this requirement, this knife is the perfect one because it is popular for being the lightest and the easiest to deploy too.

In other words, if you want to polish your knife flipping skills and if you’ve always been passionate about it, you should consider getting your hands on this knife as it is useful for such things!

Origin Of The Butterfly Knife:

Let’s start with the origin of this knife!

The butterfly knife is also famous as the Balisong knife and the word “Balisong” basically means “broken horn”. These knives date back to the 18th century and since then, they are being used today for several different purposes.

The French also claim that they invented this knife earlier in the ’70s. Hence, there is no clear evidence of who invented this knife in the first place.

The Basics Of Butterfly Knives:

There are two counter-rotating handles that open to expose a single blade in a butterfly knife. The blade, of course, is made up of high-quality steel and it is extremely sharp from one end. The handles of the knife are usually made up of steel, but it depends on the style of the knife.

Nowadays, you can find several different styles of these knives, and the material used to make handles also different from style to style. Especially wood and brass are considered as two important materials used to make the handles of these knives. At the end of the handle, there is the latch that prevents the knife from opening itself until you push it to.

Earliest Uses Of These Knives:

The Spanish sailors used to use this knife in the 17th and 18th centuries. They used this knife to operate canonry safely.

These knives had stainless steel blades so that they could easily be used to cut the fuses and the handles were mostly made up of brass because brass doesn’t spark.

Modern Reasons To Carry A Butterfly Knife:

Now, you might be wondering about the reasons to carry this knife or how it can come in handy to you. Well, stay with us a little longer because we are now going to explain it all to you in detail.

  • It Is An Everyday Carry Tool:

First of all, just as a knife, it is used for a variety of different purposes in your daily routine, you can use the butterfly knife too. It can come in handy to you in several different cutting chores when you don’t have a knife around you.

It is considered an EDC tool and well, we must say that yes, it does fulfill all the needs when it comes to cutting things.

  • It Is A Camping Tool:

If you are someone who loves camping, a butterfly knife is a must carry for you. It can be used for several different purposes. For example, if it is cold out there and you want to cut some wood pieces to put on some bonfire, you need a knife.

Well, this is where this knife that we are talking about can come in useful to you. Even if the size of this knife is small, you can still expect the blade to cut through all the hard, tough surfaces easily without any hassle.

  • It Is The Safest Knife For Learning Knife Techniques:

The best thing about this knife is that it comes with an unorthodox design. When practicing different moves, you won’t have to worry about injuries because these knives have blunt blades that are safe to use.

For instance, when practicing your flipping skills, you won’t have to worry about cutting your fingers or any other sort of injury. In other words, with these knives, you will get the same realistic feel that you need. But, it won’t pose any threat to you or cause any kind of injuries that you are worried about.

Why Should You Buy A Butterfly Knife?

Now that you know about its uses, you probably need reasons to choose this knife over other knives, right? If yes, here are some things that might convince you to get your hands on the Balisong knife right away:

  • It Is Easy To Use:

One of the main reasons to use the Balisong knife is that it is easy to handle. There is nothing to worry about the blade, the knife has a solid construction and it will fit your hand just the way you want it to.

For someone who wants to train with a knife that comes with no threats and injuries, without any doubt, a butterfly knife trainer is what you should be using right now.

  • Light In Weight:

Of course, when it comes to an everyday carry knife, you need something that is light in weight. Well, this is the reason why we thought to bring the idea of buying a balisong knife.

Because it is easy to carry and light in weight, which means that you won’t even have to worry if you keep it in your front pocket.

  • It Is Effective:

Honestly, a balisong knife has always been effective when it comes to training and practices. It is easy to carry, light in weight, and above everything else, it is a real knife that will give you real feelings without being a threat to you.

You can practice with it anywhere you want to and you can carry it with you all the time.

The Final Words:

Now that you know each and everything about a butterfly knife, you should think about buying it right away. Speaking of which, check out our collection as we have some of the best quality knives available at extremely reasonable prices.

We assure you that once you buy from us, you won’t regret spending your money on this amazing knife and tool that you can carry every day. Now, don’t wait, buy the knife and see how amazing it is for yourself!

One thing that we are sure about is that with this knife, you are going to have a great time practicing your knife flipping skills.